Kensington Hotel Blogger Conference

Oct 10,2013

Millennium Gloucester, one of the chain's London hotels, welcomed a panel of travel and social media experts to its conservatory on Monday night for the first Travel Bloggers Conference. The event also marked the launch of Millennium's new travel app, The Trip Tailor, which means finding great suggestions for things to do whilst travelling is just a few clicks away.

Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor of The Independent, Sally Shalam, a freelance journalist and columnist at The Guardian and Julie Falconer, of blog A Lady in London spoke about the world of travel both online and in print, how to engage an audience, and the challenges journalists can face trying to write an honest account of a trip. Social media whiz, Sam Haseltine also gave the audience his top tips on sharing your content online.

A live feed of tweets using the #MCBloggerConf hashtag were shown on screens during the discussion - here are our favourites from the night:

@thalialucyf The heart of blogging is creativity

@elle_croft Most stories get lost - @SimonCalder. Great Motivation to find a unique and useful angle

@blogbranch Did you know you are legally accountable for comments left on your blog?

@ED_Siren @Katie_Wright Show and tell time #MCBloggerConf who knew we'd get the chance to see the contents of @SimonCalder's make-up bag!

@Luciekerley What bloggers should focus on it the right-time/correct-time publishing rather than real-time - @samhaseltine

@misspallen London is travel to somebody

@slicelondonlife The challenge of positioning yourself in social media is accessing your network's network so not just your friends

@AlostLondoner If you're passionate about something, write about it! You never know, it could change everything- @aladyinlondon

@Volubilis2266 @MillenniumEU thanks a lot for organising this amazing event! #MCBloggerConf will definitely have an impact on my blog and the way I blog!

@LisaRivera2207 Final words@SallyShalam 'Blog without borders'


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