In Reach of Rome

In this article, we take a look at some of the best day-trips that you can take whilst on a holiday in Rome – giving you the chance to see more of Italy, without having to stay outside the capital.

To call Italy intoxicating – a country full of rich history, contemporary culture, sun-baked streets and entrancing music – would be an understatement. From the well-tread streets of Rome, to the isolated vineyards of Piedmont, it’s a country that deserves a thorough exploration.

But who wants to spend a holiday hopping from place to place, prefacing each experience by lugging a suitcase around, and checking in to a new hotel? Especially when, with a base in Rome, there’s so much within your reach.

Stay at the illustrious Grand Hotel Palace Rome – a historic locale for Italian high-society – and enjoy the perfect start to your day. Wake up to views across the fashionable Via Veneto and breakfast in lavish surrounds, before exploring what the rest of the country has to offer.

Spend the day in Pompeii

"While a day trip from Rome to Pompeii is a long journey, every minute on the train was worth the amazing experience of walking through history. I highly recommend it to anyone." Kelly, Global Goose

Although it’s a few hours’ train ride from Rome to the shores of the Amalfi coast, and the iconic ruins of Pompeii – a day trip is well worth it. The trip from Roma Termini to Naples takes you through picturesque Italian countryside, before coasting alongside the Mediterranean. And from there, it’s a short journey to the immortal Roman town.

This eerie city offers a unique glimpse back in time. The streets and buildings remain well-preserved, nearly 2000 years after they were swallowed by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The casts of the ancient inhabitants of the city, frozen in their final positions, is an unforgettable sight. It’s a must-visit for any budding historian.

Fares from Roma Termini (just a 20-minute walk from the Grand Hotel Palace Rome) to Pompeii start from as little as €12 – so book in advance for the best deals. And be sure to eat well at breakfast, walking around the ruins can work up an appetite!

Travel to Tuscany

Picture in your head everything that would describe Italy: green countryside, rolling hills, wineries, wine, cobblestone streets, churches, cheese, anti-pasta and pasta. Check!”
Nadine, Hey Nadine

If your dream Italian tour involves quaint country towns, fresh produce and rich Italian wines – a day trip to Tuscany is essential.

The pretty, medieval town of Montepulciano boasts a beautiful piazza, thermal waters – famed for their healing properties – and plenty of local restaurants, or trattorie, offering traditional Italian dishes.

Although hiring a car is an excellent way to make your way through the Tuscan countryside, if you want to take full advantage of the region’s famous vineyards and wine cellars – and we advise you do – travel by train or coach. 

Trains from Roma Termini to Montepulciano can take as little as two-hours; although it’s best to plan your journey well in advance to make sure you take the fastest route.

Visit Orvieto

“Even gazing up at the walled town from the bottom of the funicular when you arrive, Orvieto is distinctive and breath-taking, and doesn’t disappoint when you ascend to the top.
Lana, Travel Savvy Gal

For an escape that is a little off the beaten track, Orvieta, just an hour away from Rome, is one of the country’s most idyllic locations.

Perfectly positioned between Rome and Florence, this charming city is famous for its gothic cathedral, Duomo di Orvieto. With brightly coloured frescoes and intricate stonework adorning its façade, it’s widely regarded as one of Italy’s most beautiful buildings.

Another hidden treasure of Orvieto lies beneath the cobbled streets. A labyrinth of underground passageways, dating back to the Roman empire, wind their way underneath the city. Most of these are still used by locals as basements, but guided tours give you access to the tunnels, and a little insight into their history. Trains to Orvieto cost as little as €7.75 and depart around once an hour from Roma Termini. Keep in mind that the city sits on the summit of a steep hill, so you will need to take a dizzying funicular when you first arrive.

After a busy day travelling through the Italian countryside, what could be better than returning to Rome and relaxing at your hotel, ready to rest up before your next day of adventure? With, Sleep Eat Save you can spend more of your trip seeing the sights, and less worrying about the little details. So, give yourself the perfect start to your day, enjoy breakfast at The Grand Hotel Palace Rome with up-to 25% off your room. And when you’re ready, get out there and make the most of what’s outside your hotel’s door.


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