Holiday guide by flight time

Aug 13,2015

When it comes to planning the perfect holiday, travel time has everything to do with it. The amount of hours you're willing to spend on a plane will depend on whether you're looking for a speedy stopover, or are up for doing some serious travelling. Likewise, you're budget will probably determine whether you can splash the cash on epic globe hopping, or need to get creative with holiday hotspots that are closer to home. With this in mind, we've whittled down all of our favourite travel destinations and then broken them up into flight times, from 1-2 hours to 12+. Read on for some inspiration for your next trip, whether that's just over the channel or on the other side of the world.

Flight time from London: 1-2 hours


The romantic city of Paris is undoubtedly one of the cultural capitals of the world. Visit for art, architecture, food and fashion.


The capital of Scotland is easily accessible from London by flight. Visit for neoclassical buildings, oodles of culture and fascinating lessons in history.

Flight time from London: 2-3 hours


Visit Budapest for UNESCO accredited, breath-taking views, the appropriately named 'Culture Avenue', and one of the best night-life scenes in Europe.


Barcelona is a chic, artistic and fascinating city. Home to the weird and wonderful architectural achievements of Gaudi, stunning beaches and delicious Catalan cuisine, you won't be disappointed.

Flight time from London: 3-4 hours

Greek Islands

For unspoiled beaches and turquoise sea, whitewashed villages and some of the best seafood on the planet, take your pick from any of the stunning Greek islands.


If you feel like something a little further from what you know, visit North Africa and experience the hustle and bustle of this vibrant and diverse city.

Flight time from London: 4-5 hours


Visit Jordan to witness its 'Rose City', or Petra - an awesome feat of ancient history. Also explore the country's sprawling deserts and experience its delicious middle-eastern cuisine.


Fancy snorkelling off the famous shores of Sharm El Sheikh, seeing one of the Seven Wonders of the World (the pyramids) and soaking up a fascinating culture? Egypt sounds like the place for you.

Flight time from London: 7-8 hours

New York City

If you're up for one of those epic, bucket-list type trips, why not visit the bright lights of New York? Drink in one of the most impressive skylines of the world and visit all of those places you're so used to seeing on the movies.


For the ultimate chilled out holiday, you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere more relaxed than Barbados. Sip cocktails on the dazzling white sand of its coast-line and enjoy the sun-filled days of the Caribbean.

Flight time from London: 8-9 hours


Visit vibrant India for its exceedingly good food, stunning landscapes, interesting people, ancient temples, gorgeous beaches and so much more. A vast and diverse country, there's potential for months' worth of travel here.

Flight time from London: 9-10 hours


For reef-lined beaches, a rich heritage of reggae music and one of the friendliest peoples on the planet, head to Jamaica.

Flight time from London: 10-11 hours

San Francisco

Visit Northern California to experience the culture and laid-back lifestyle of San Francisco. Famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, uber-photographed 'Postcard Row' of Victorian houses and fun cable cars, you won't be short of things to do and see.

Flight time from London: 11-12 hours


From the spicy, sweet and sour taste of Thai street food, to the bright lights and backpackers of Khao San Road, to fascinating temples and history, Bangkok is a city like no other. Visit as part of a bigger South-East-Asian adventure, or simply on its own.

Flight time from London: 12+ hours

If you're feeling exotic and want to escape life as you know it, why not dip your toes in the blue lagoons of Fiji, and explore the unspoilt, uncrowded streets of any one (or two or three…) of its 333 tropical islands.

From quick city-breaks to full-blown escapism in a tropical idyll, we're sure you're next trip will be on to remember.

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