R Charity named charity of year by hotel

Jun 01,2016

Last month, our award-winning Hard Days Night hotel in Liverpoolnamed R Charity as its charity of the year, and we couldn't be morethrilled. R Charity is run by theRoyal Liverpool andBroadgreen University Hospital's NHS Trust, and is currentlyfundraising for the redevelopment of Merseyside's largest hospital.They're doing fantastic work already and are aiming to raise £10million towards the project.

In choosing R Charity as its charity of the year, Hard DaysNight Hotel offers its support and aid to this worthwhileinitiative, which is helping the site to become England's largestsingle-patient room hospital.

General Manager of Hard Days Night Hotel, Mike Deweysays:

When our team met with the redevelopment staff at the RoyalLiverpool University Hospital, we were instantly impressed by theplans for the upcoming overhaul of the site and its landmark £335million redevelopment. The team at the hotel are thrilled to assistthe work of R Charity ahead of the new hospital's opening; theircollective efforts will help aid R Charity to provide comfort andthe very best care to patients in the hospital.

With plans to install Freeview TVs in every room, as well asreclining chairs that allow relatives to stay comfortablyovernight, this is vital work that will provide a high-tech andhomely healthcare space for those who need it. The new hospital isgoing to sit alongside the existing site, and will accommodate 646bed patients at a time, with eighteen operating theatres, aforty-bed Critical Care Unit, and one of the North West's largestemergency departments.

It's support like that provided by R Charity that means thesekinds of projects can happen, and hospitals can go above and beyondeven NHS standards of care. That's why we're immensely proud to beinvolved, and can't wait to see the world-class new Royal Liverpoolup get up and running in 2017.

Clive Harrington, Senior Vice President of Operations Europe atMillennium Hotels and Resorts says:

We're thrilled with the Hard Days Night Hotel's decision tosupport R Charity because the work its doing is invaluable. It'sfantastic that patients will be able to have their own rooms and bewith their families in homely surroundings, while receiving thebest possible care. We're excited to see the hospital when it'sfinished next year.

Learn more about the work R Charity is doing: www.rlbuht.nhs.uk/fundraising.

Find out more about the Hard Days Night Hotel: www.harddaysnighthotel.com.


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