Glasgow: a ghost town?

May 16,2014

The city of Glasgow is set to host the XX Commonwealth Games this July. Some of the best athletes in the world and Olympic champions from the London 2012 games are set to thrill crowds in Scotland with their sporting athleticism and determination to succeed. Expect tears to be shed, fists to be raised and poses to be struck.

Nearer to the opening ceremony, the web will no doubt be full of blogs and articles recommending places to visit in Glasgow, and how to best spend time in the city. Sure, Glasgow may have its fair share of shopping centres and museums, but so does every other city in the UK. Instead, we're going to delve into one of the more unusual reasons why Glasgow is famous: its horror stories.

After all, Scotland loves a good ghost story. Many haunting tales involving the dead and supernatural have originated in Scotland, and Glasgow is no exception. In fact many places throughout the city are reputed to be haunted!

If you like a good ghost story, then these five places to visit in Glasgow will surely give you a terrible fright. If you don't buy in to spooky tales, the attractions are still worth visiting, as they are architecturally beautiful and well-known throughout the city.

So without further ado, here are five of the most well-known haunted buildings in Glasgow.

Birkwood Castle

The castle was built around 1860, but for nearly 80 years it was used as a children's psychiatric hospital, before closure in 2002. Unsurprisingly, this place is said to be haunted by a young boy who reportedly fell down a flight of stairs and later died. Sightings of the young boy were reported by the staff who worked at the hospital. They apparently heard crying and singing in certain parts of the building and also experienced infrequent electrical disturbances.

Provan Hall

Provan Hall was built in the 15th century, around the same time as Provand's Lordship. Provan has three ghosts: two in the older house and one in the newer building.

The older part of Provan Hall is supposed to be haunted by a woman and a boy who were killed upstairs. No one knows how or why they were killed but the two ghosts are said to wander round the building, moving furniture and tapping tables.

Provan Hall is owned by the National Trust and is a popular tourist spot in the city. Aside from the resident ghosts, it's well worth a visit, to see the attractive parkland setting and beautiful landscaped gardens.

The Craigfoot Inn

The Craigfoot Inn is located in Milton of Campsie, a sweet little village located 10 miles north of Glasgow. The staff who work there have reported seeing the spirit of a small boy in the cellar and two female ghosts in the main bar area. When the inn has been quiet, the staff are said to have heard names being called out over the bar, despite the fact that nobody's there.

According to the STV news website, a dictaphone was once left in the cellar overnight. Investigators reported hearing a child's voice, singing what seemed to be a nursery rhyme.

The Arches

Now a popular live music venue, The Arches is located on an area formerly known as Grahamston, which vanished underneath Central Station over 100 years ago. Both staff and visitors have experienced numerous sightings of a little girl calling for her mother. Another reported sighting was said to be a hand coming through the wall, before swiftly disappearing again. Creepy…..

Govan Old Parish Church

In 2012, two Chinese tourists visited this beautiful, listed church in Glasgow and videoed, what appeared to be, Princess Diana standing by a stained glass window. The footage, which you can view here, has been vigorously discussed on ghost forums and websites; however, the jury's still out as to whether the footage shows an optical illusion or if something mystical is afoot.

Fortunately, there have been no reported ghost sightings in our Glasgow hotel, the Copthorne Hotel Glasgow, so we guess that means our hotel isn't haunted, (saying that while touching wood). If you plan to visit Glasgow in the coming months, why not spend the night in luxury rather than horror? Our hotel, next to George Square, offers guests convenient access to the city centre, with shopping centres and restaurants all located nearby.

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