Fortune Favours the Planners – London experiences you have to book

Feb 23,2017

The zany, the crazy and the spontaneous have long been celebrated. From Karouac to Willy Wonka – we love to romanticise those individuals who are as free as a bird and just as flighty. They’ll hop on a plane at the drop of a hat. And as for travel plans, well… they’ll figure it out when they get there.

But for many of us, that sounds downright stressful. If you’re familiar with the sprawling, pandemonium of London, you’ll know that – far from being a place to leave things to the last minute – fortune favours the planners. 

Imagine dining in a chain restaurant outside a tube station, because the pop-up restaurant that everyone’s talking about is fully booked? Or missing out on the show of a lifetime because tickets sold out months ago? In London, if you blink – you’ll miss it. And a little bit of forward planning definitely pays off.

So, to help you organised types make the most of your next trip to the Big Smoke, here are some of the most exciting places to book ahead.

Live swing and cocktails, at Nightjar, Hoxton

Hoxton and Shoreditch have long been the go-to destination for trendy travellers, keen to experience London’s homegrown cocktail scene. While there are plenty of bars around – the insiders know you need a keen eye to spot the coolest speakeasies hidden around the city.

Nightjar is arguably one of the best. Serving up expertly crafted drinks in their opulent, art deco bar, this venue regularly hosts live blues, swing and jazz bands. The perfect place to impress a date (or even a client), Nightjar is hidden behind an assuming door at the side of a busy Hoxton road. And as one of the hottest places in town, it’s recommended you book well ahead to ensure you get a spot.

[Photo Credit: Jerome Courtial]

Playground fun at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

You can soak up the historical grandeur of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace any old time, but modern London has a playful side. And nowhere is this clearer than at the ArcellorMittal Orbit.

A towering, red, lattice sculpture built to commemorate the 2012 Olympic Games, this iconic landmark has been transformed into the world’s longest tunnel slide. Whizzing visitors along 178m of tube, the slide circles the sculpture and offers momentous views of London’s dramatic skyline.

While the aesthetics of the Orbit might divide opinion, the slide has gone down well amongst locals and tourists alike. Tickets sell out weeks in advance, so if you’re planning on taking a ride – get organised before booking your trip!

A magical experience, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

London West End offers all the wonder of the theatre. Whether you want to laugh yourself silly at a comedy, immerse yourself in a drama, or watch a classical performance – there’s always something on.

Last year (2016) saw one of the most hotly anticipated plays in recent history burst onto the stage. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was a dream for fans of JK Rowling’s franchise – but it delighted theatre critics, too.

Tickets for the show fly off the shelves, usually selling out within hours of their release. With the next round of sales due in April 2017, it might be time to sign-up to their newsletter and start planning a weekend away, now!

Sensory delights at the Chelsea Flower Show

The British weather isn’t exactly famous for its charm, but it does give rise to some of the liveliest and most colourful gardens on earth – with the best of it on display at The Chelsea Flower Show. Every year offers a vivid collection of British horticulture and craftsmanship to visitors from around the world.

Royals, celebrities, green-fingered enthusiasts and tourists all clamour for tickets to this exclusive event – so don’t expect to rock up on the day and gain entry. This is an experience worth planning a weekend around.

The Easter holidays are approaching…

It’s great to imagine all the incredible things you could do or see around London. But sometimes, the problem is finding the time to do it.

This year, the Easter weekend falls late in April. And while that might mean you have longer to wait before you can enjoy four work-free days in a row; it also means the May bank holiday doesn’t fall far behind.  So, whether you decide to book off the time in-between and treat yourself to an extended break, or just make the most of that deliciously long weekend – it’s time to start planning. By booking in advance with us, you can save 15% on any of our beautiful London hotels. Plus, by registering as a My Millennium member you can save an extra 15% at check-out.

So, forget throwing caution to the wind, and embrace your inner scheduler. Don’t miss out on doing everything you want and anything you can, because this year – planning is the new spontaneous. 
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