Five things for singletons to do in London on Valentine’s Day

Feb 12,2016

Despite popular opinion dictating that Valentine's Day for singletons is nothing short of dreadful, it's about time we started to see the positives of being footloose and fancy free come this time of year. Sure, couples have each other, but what many people don't consider is that this means they're robbed of the kind of self-indulgence that only their less-loved-up friends can enjoy. Alongside anti-Valentine's benefits such as deliciously cheap chocolate come 15th of Feb, those without partners are free to embrace the capital - no holds barred. Here's how you can enjoy Cupid's holiday this year:

Brunch @ Bistrotheque, Victoria Park

Going out for brunch on Valentine's Day is a luxury only singletons can enjoy, and enjoy it they should. This is the one morning of the year when couples across the country are tucked up at home, chomping down on an attempt at breakfast in bed whilst navigating a mattress full of crumbs and sticky orange juice, all in the name of being romantic. It's almost certain that these couples would rather be out and about like the singletons of the world, lapping up a delicious brunch with their friends at the endlessly chic and modern Bistrotheque in Victoria Park, which serves up some of the most divine looking and tastiest brunches in London. But they can't, because that just wouldn't be playing by the rules. This leaves the rest of us to enjoy our brunch in peace, without being disturbed by unwarranted public displays of affection. Hallelujah.

Tattoo London - Exhibition @ Museum of London

Perusing an exhibition of the inked bodies of strangers has the potential to turn even the liveliest of romantic flames into cinders. Not for the faint hearted (or tender-hearted), this exhibition offers a wild exploration into the fascinating history of tattoo culture in London. What's more, going here on Valentine's Day with your other half has the dangerous potential to send you into hazy love-mist in which you both run off to get a tattoo of each other's names. And it's a dead cert that even if the relationship doesn't last, the tattoo will. So, as a singleton, you should take advantage of these kinds of exhibitions before someone snaps you up and ruins your fun. If you don't live in the big smoke but want to get in on the action when it comes to some of the country's most interesting exhibitions, check out our range of four and five star London hotels for an extra-special trip.

Karaoke Rumble @ Star of Kings

You simply can't go to a karaoke night on Valentine's Day when you're in the throes of a new romance, for several reasons. First and foremost, you're at risk of revealing a formidably questionable taste in music when it becomes apparent that the only songs that you know all the words to are every Spice Girls song or that one by Justin Bieber. Secondly - and even more probable - you're other half is going to try to not be put off by your tone-deaf squawking, but more than likely will end up hearing it in his or her deepest darkest dreams resulting in them having to call the whole thing off. This means you should absolutely lap up all the karaoke you can on Valentine's Day while you're single, and there's no better place to do it than at the Star of Kings.

Watch The Revenant @ any cinema

Nothing says, I'm not in the mood like a two and a half hour long epic starring a revenge-driven and rather grizzly looking Leonardo DiCaprio making his way across some desolate and uncharted wilderness in 1823. Couples that dare to watch the brilliant but gruesome tale on the most romantic night of the year risk going to bed in a state of semi-shock instead of canoodling with their loved ones like they'd planned. So take advantage of a great choice of seats and settle in for an epic adventure that will have your toes curling and you're appetite for vengeance and gore well and truly satisfied.

Bardeblah @ Balham Bowls Club

Bardeblahis a game, bringing intelligent good humoured debate to your local pub or bar, boasts the website of the latest trend in pub-gaming. However, it's a safe assumption that they're probably using a bit of artistic licence with the whole 'good humoured' thing. Everyone knows that any sort of debate, however seemingly innocent at the start, has the lethal potential to cause raucous rows amongst couples that last well into the small hours - or indefinitely. That's why this game should be reserved for singletons, who don't have to worry about being given the cold shoulder for the foreseeable future, and can give their opinions full vent across a room of riled-up rivals.

On the 14th February the world becomes the singleton's oyster, and nothing proves this like lively London. Forget loved-up clichés and awkward encounters, it's time to celebrate our freedom to do whatever we want, no matter what the date dictates. So without further ado, let's show all of the couples out there how to make it rain on Valentine's Day.


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