Dressing the part: how to tie a bow tie

Are you heading to a black-tie event in London this summer?Maybe you've been invitedto an elegant summer ball or charityevent? Or perhaps this year you'regoing to BlackTie White Lie, an irreverent mass soiree at the very centre ofWaterloo Bridge, where attendees, dressed top to toe in black-tiegarb, cavort the streets nearby to live music? If so, with seven  central London  hotels conveniently located in some of the city's  plushest  postcodes, we're in a prime spot to offer you easy access to anyblack-tie event you may be attending in the capital thissummer.

Of course, for any black-tie event you are required to wear ablack-tie, or bow-tie as traditional etiquette permits. Agood bow tie is to men what the perfect dress is to women. Looktowards the entertainment industry and the bow tie, although itmight look like a humble strip of cloth, it is a character initself. Many of the greatest figures from both film and history owetheir successes to their small yet significant collarcounterparts.

James Bond couldn't have possibly saved the world and delightedso many international women without his signature bow tie intact.Agatha Christie's sophisticated 'who-dunnit' creation, HerculePoirot, is famed for only two things: measured super sleuthing andhis bow tie. It was partly Don Corleone's menacing voice that madeeveryone fear him in The Godfather but it was also his bow tie,sitting on his collar like a scorpion's sting.

Winston Churchill's polka dot bow tie was the perfect accompliceto his feisty politics and tough talking. And who can forgetCharlie Chaplin's signature suit piece? The silent star used hisbow tie to conjure images of wealth despite portraying himself as aglorified urchin. Finally, Abraham Lincoln's iconic portraits justwould not be the same without his large and brisk bow tie.

If you're planning to rock a bow tie during British Summer Timethen use our handy 'how-to' guide below. It might look a littlefiddlier than your standard tie but when the occasion demands it,suit up!


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