Discover your inner James Bond with a high-speed boat ride down the Thames

Jul 02,2013

How do you see all of London in less than an hour? There's only one way, and that's by boat. But this isn't just any boat; to see all of London in that time means it's got to be fast. Luckily, this baby jets down the Thames at 40 miles an hour!

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels operates six convenient hotels in London, with excellent transport links close by, and within easy reach of the River.

Though your time spent with some of London's most iconic sights is fleeting, the wholly unique view from the river more than makes up for it. Viewing London from the unrestricted view of the water is a privilege very few Londoners ever think to experience.

On a gloriously sunny London summer day, the wind blows through your hair with the light spray of the water cooling your skin. London's finest buildings glitter in the sunshine when viewed from the water and this tour cuts no corners.

The tour begins from under the sparkling booths of the London Eye, the most visited attraction in the city placed in a conveniently central location. Right there, in the epicentre of London's tourist hustle and bustle, you can escape the dense streets and launch into the wide expanses of the waterway. There's much less traffic on the Thames, allowing unfettered access to some of London's best sights and room to really put the pedal to the metal!

But first, the tour gets under way at a slower pace, under the gaze of one of London's most iconic landmarks, the Houses of Parliament. You'll certainly recognise the majority of the attractions on the tour, but if not, help is at hand. Another unique twist to this experience are the tour guides, London-savvy and hilariously entertaining. By day this talented bunch are your waterway guides, but by night, most of them double as comedians or actors on the West End!

The guides have a whole host of facts and jokes for all of the big historic names: St. Paul's Cathedral, The Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Somerset House. Other marvels which you will see during the tour are the Gherkin, Canary Wharf, the O2 Arena, and the Millennium Bridge. The pinnacle of the trip has to be passing under the giant movable arms of Tower Bridge, perhaps the most famous bridge in the world, giving a real sense of the bridge's size and splendour.

After you're done with the history lesson, it's time for a lesson in speed! As the trip enters the Thames estuary, the water is clear to have a bit more fun, accompanied by a wonderfully British soundtrack, including the James Bond theme, as quintessential London riverbanks fly by. A perfect trip for both sightseers and adventurers alike, this slick experience is quite the thrill, unlikely to leave you shaken, but it will certainly leave you stirred.


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