Afternoon Tea at Le Chinois in Knightsbridge

Jan 22,2015

Bloggers were treated to an elegant afternoon tea this Sunday, but it didn't involve your usual cucumber sarnies and hot cross buns. No, this one came with a Chinese twist.

The Dim Sum Afternoon Tea took place at the popular Le Chinois restaurant at Millennium Knightsbridge and, we have to say, was a great success.

To fit with the luxurious surroundings, twenty-eight of the best food and lifestyle bloggers in London were met with a champagne reception on arrival at the hotel. Once everyone was settled, Hotel Manager, Cipriano, gave everyone an entertaining speech to open the day.

After excited chatter between newly introduced bloggers and old friends alike, they were seated at their table in an exclusive corner of the restaurant.

Tea in fine China

Soon they were surrounded by delectable dim sum dishes and served appetising savouries including crispy shredded duck spring rolls, Peking duck, minced chicken in lettuce and superbly light BBQ pork buns (better known as Chai Siu Boa).

For bloggers with a sweet tooth, there was also a red bean and pandan mochi cake, prawns with passion fruit coulis and freshly sliced mango. All of this was, of course, washed down with oolong and jasmine tea.

Halfway through, in theatrical style, the curtains were drawn and the Le Chinois Cut Master, Lily, demonstrated how to prepare delightful dim sum. As you can see, the bloggers couldn't wait to get to the front to take photos!

Take the Pancake Challenge

In this video you can see our Restaurant Manager, Mike Chan, talking the bloggers through the traditional way to make duck pancakes with his nimble chopstick skills before they tried it for themselves.

So, how's it done?

Firstly, lay out your pancake and draw a lucky '8' symbol with oyster sauce, for prosperity. Then, tilt the plate to one side so it now shows the infinity sign instead of the 8 - this is for longevity.

Then add your fine strips of cucumber and spring onion, topping it with crispy duck skin.Fold the top part first, this represents the Northern Hemisphere, and then to the bottom for the Southern Hemisphere. Then fold to the west, leaving the east open. Bite the eastern side first for good health.

Looking forward to Chinese New Year

The event proved to be a civilised Sunday, and our bloggers had the chance to get to know each other better as they digested their food in the comfortable surroundings of Le Chinois. They also used the time to upload their photos to Instagram and Twitter.

They didn't leave, however, without another speech from the charismatic Cipriano, and a goody bag with a cookbook from our chef, a Harrods pen and a Chinese lantern; perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year.

We'd like to thank all of the bloggers who came along, some of whom came from beyond London just to be there.

Le Chinois is available for bookings for Chinese New Year and beyond.


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