8 top notch London pubs to grab a Guinness on St Patrick’s Day

Mar 15,2016

The great Irish poet, W. B. Yeats wrote, 'There are no strangers; only friends you haven't yet met.' This is especially true on St Patrick's Day. Also sometimes known as the 'Feast of St Patrick', the 17th March is when Irish people and non-Irish alike, come together to celebrate the patron saint of the Emerald Isle.

To make sure everyone can get in on the action, we've picked some of the best Irish pubs in London to celebrate this year. Visit one of these establishments and you're guaranteed good craic and even better Guinness. Any why not make a night of it with one of our hotels in London so you don't have to cut the party short? Here's to a long life and a merry one, a quick death and an easy one, a cold pint and another one!

The Auld Shillelagh - Stoke Newington

As a winner of 'Most authentic Irish pub in the world outside Ireland,' you're guaranteed a good shindig here for Paddy's Day. Viewed as a little slice of home by its many Irish regulars, who are always quick to make the distinction between an Irish pub and an Irish 'themed' pub - The Auld Shillelagh is most definitely the former.

Waxy O'Connor's - Leicester Square

The institution that is Waxy O'Connor's is perfect for anyone looking for a very literal connection to Ireland. The 'Waxy O'Connor tree' lived in Midlands Ireland for 250 years, and when it died naturally it was shipped over to Central London to become the talking point for this impressive establishment. It now 'grows' its way through the four bars, spread over six floors. With an impressive menu, served all day, and live music on St Patrick's Day, you're sure to find plenty of Irish fun at Waxy O'Connor's.

The Faltering Fullback - Finsbury Park

This hidden gem, much loved by Rugby fans, is on a small street between Finsbury Park and Crouch Hill. Knowing that Londoner's love a beer garden, but often lack the outside space, this boozer came up with a novel way of tackling the problem; they built up instead of out. The garden is a wonderful maze of rising levels, hidden nooks and foliage. The curios from around the world hidden throughout the bar and garden make great talking points. They pour a mean Guinness too - thankfully without a decorative shamrock design in sight!

The Tipperary - Fleet Street

The oldest Irish pub in London has been serving stout since 1700, meaning it could very well be the first pub outside Ireland to serve draught Guinness. With over 300 years' experience under their belts, you're guaranteed one of the best pints of Guinness in the city.

The Crown and Cushion - Lambeth North

Located south of the river, The Crown and Cushion has a dedicated following of locals who are always willing to welcome newcomers. Just far enough off the beaten track to not feel 'touristy', this is the place to be if you want to meet new friends. Head there in the evening, order pint and a pack of Taytos, and prepare to be there for the night.

Toucan - Soho

Taking its name from the iconic Guinness adverts of old, the Toucan really feels like an ode to the creamy stout. With its handy location off Soho Square, this is the place to find great craic in the city. There's also a menu boasting traditional Irish favourites, and the joyful atmosphere is one of the best you'll find in Central London.

The Boot - Kings Cross

Hidden away in the backstreets of King's Cross, this is a family owned pub serving impeccable Guinness with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. A pub has stood on this spot since 1724, and was even mentioned by Charles Dickins in Barnaby Rudge. These days there's live music and home-cooked food, plus a great selection of drinks. You'd be hard pressed to find fault with an evening in The Boot.

The Porterhouse - Covent Garden

This colossal Irish pub is owned by the Porterhouse Brewing company and centrally located in Covent Garden. With no less than 12 floors, there's live music every night and the largest range of Irish beers in London. They even brew their own stout in Dublin and ship it across to the UK. Expect a busy, buzzing St Patrick's Day at the Porterhouse.

London is a great place to celebrate one of the liveliest days of the year. So grab a beer and don anything green you can find in your closet. Let's make a toast to the Emerald Isle.


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