7 reasons the UK wins at natural beauty every time

Apr 14,2016

It's Earth Day today (22nd April) - the day on whichthe Earth Day Network's (EDN) inspiring efforts to change theplanet for the better come to a crescendo of motivation, educationand action. From our own little corners of it to the sprawlingjungles that cover thousands of miles of it, our planet is worthcelebrating. So in a nod to all of the wonderful things the EDN aredoing and have been doing since 1970, here's a gentle reminderabout why our little cluster of islands win, and then win somemore, at natural beauty.

1. We have casual coves like this that could havestepped right out of a fairy tale

Mullion Cove is a village on the Lizard in Cornwall, and is hometo lots of lovely restaurants, cafes, galleries and craft shops aswell as some of the UK's most stunning scenery. ItsMediterranean-looking beach and imposing cliffs make forawe-inspiring views. They really do play homage to the fact thatyou don't need to leave Britain to set eyes on the wonders ofnature.

2. And check out this mountain-edgedlake, just taking people's breath away

The Lake District is a stunning amalgamation of rugged mountainsand glassy waters, which lure even the most indoors-y of types intothe open air. This picture is of Lake Buttermere, a 1.5-mile-longand 75-foot-deep expanse of cool water, perfect for water sports orsimply gazing upon with a dreamy expression on your face. We loveyou planet Earth.

3. Then there's this epic edge inthe peak district that has no problem making us humans look likeants

The Peak District is one place to go if you want to witness mileafter glorious mile of nature's awesomeness. A national park since1951, it spreads across the southernmost end of the Pennines, andcovers parts of Derbyshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester,Staffordshire and Yorkshire. This picture is of Stanage Edge - afamous location for climbing and nature-admiring.

4. And of course, we have theNorth York Moors, otherwise known as a little slice ofheaven

The North York Moors form one of the most inspiring landscapeson the planet, with wild heather, ragged rocks, moody forest andlush green grass spreading for 554 sq miles. Home to an abundanceof wildlife and completely unspoiled expanses that stretch furtherthan the eye can see, it's a photographer's dream and a reminderthat the UK owns it when it comes to natural beauty.

5. We have mystical looking waterfalls that make us wantto believe in magic

As this picture of the Fairy Pools of Glen Brittle proves, theIsle of Skye is a place of enchanting beauty. A popular walkingspot, these crystal-clear pools are perfect for wild swimming andactually attract visitors from all over the world. And for theespecially brave, some of the higher waterfalls can even behigh-jumped from. There's something about that atmospheric mistrising up from the falls that makes us think we might actually spota fairy or two prancing about in the background.

6. And our pebbly beaches are actually good. Really,stunningly good.

This picture of the Aberdeen coast in Scotland demonstratesthat, actually, pebbly beaches aren't so bad after all. In fact,they're kind of excellent. It also shows that we know how tostrategically place lighthouses so that they look really quitemesmerising. Not to mention that sunset, which could give Monet arun for his money. If you want to experience this haunting, almostgothic landscape for yourself, why not book into Copthorne Hotel Aberdeen nearby for a weekend of exploring?

7. And finally there's this happy 'accident', whichmakes us wonder if nature isn't actually an anonymous artist. LikeBanksy.

Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is made up of 40,000interlocking basalt columns, which make up the geometric phenomenonyou can see in this picture. Whilst you'd be forgiven for believingthis structure is a man-made one, you'd be wrong. The columnsformed as the result of an ancient volcanic eruption, creating thisstunning and other-worldly spot of natural beauty.

People travel far and wide to witness the wonders of nature, butUK residents needn't start booking their flights yet with suchbreath-taking scenery right on their doorstep. So next time you'rein the mood to be inspired, why not start by looking a littlecloser to home?

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