5 London-based Father’s Day activities your hipster dad will love

Jun 15,2016

Enjoy this Father's Day without a cliché in sight with our listof actually-good stuff to do in London. There's no need to wasteanother Sunday settling for a roast and a few cans of lager withpops when you've got the capital city at your fingertips. It'sbrimming with opportunities for a rollicking good time, fromdelicious street food to Bloody Marys in the sky. So read our listbelow and give your dad a pleasant surprise on Sunday. This isnew-wave Father's Day.

1.Up at The 02


Ever heard of urban mountaineering? Us neither. That is until wediscovered that you can climb up The 02 dome in London like a lessmuddy, significantly more metropolitan Bear Grylls. Whilst thereprobably won't be any reason to drink your own pee, you'll stillget your fair share of thrills on the capital city's answer tomountain trekking. Not to mention the dramatic views of London,which beat Grylls' desolate landscapes of uninhabitable terrain anyday.

2.Father's Day Bloody Mary Brunch at Aqua Shard


Head to Aqua Shard for Bloody Marys with a view this Father'sDay. The sky-high restaurant is transforming its private diningroom into a gin marketplace, with tasting sessions and mixologyclasses to show you how to make the perfect Red Snapper BloodyMary. This is the perfect place to treat your dad to a boozy brunchin Bond-esque surroundings. And we all know that if your dad canpretend to be Bond for the day, he'll be a very happy man.

3.Street Food & Craft Beer Festival at AlexandraPalace


Head to Ally Pally this Father's Day to enjoy a street food andcraft beer festival in London's biggest beer garden. The event isfree (but you don't have to tell dad that if you don't want to),and will include stalls from the likes of Smokestak, The WaffleFloat, Backstreet Diner, Bodeans, El Dorado and Wholefood Heaven.Great beer, delicious grub, and breath-taking views of London,what's not to love?

4.Tour of the Chelsea Football Stadium


Of course, if you're really trying to get into your dad's goodbooks this Father's Day, there's nothing to say you can't up thegame and take him for a tour of Stamford Bridge. These guided tourstake you behind the scenes of Chelsea FC and give you access toareas normally reserved for players and officials. This one'll comein very handy for all those times you want to subtly bribe pops forthat lift to the airport or a bit of cash towards your next hols.Oh dad, remember that time I took you on a tour of Chelseafootball stadium for Father's Day? Yeah… Good that wasn't it?Don't forget to check into one of the Millennium hotels at Chelsea Football Stadium to make a full weekend ofit.

5.Rolling Stones exhibition at Saatchi Gallery


Take dad to the effortlessly cool Rolling Stones exhibition atthe Saatchi Gallery under the guise of a Father's Day treat. He'llbe too immersed in the rock and roll survivors' clothes, photos andartefacts to realise you've organised it as much for yourself asyou have for him. In true Jagger style, be prepared for the weirdand wonderful, the bizarre and the downright grizzly. This is anintimate look into the band's life, never seen in this lightbefore.

Pick from the quirky activities above to give your dad a day toremember this year. Because if one thing's for sure, hipster dadsdeserve a big happy hipster day out this Father's Day.


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