4 sure-fire ways to have your best summer in Europe yet

May 16,2016

Europe is a sprawling mecca of beautiful scenery, fascinatingculture, mouth-watering food and, perhaps most importantly,sun-strewn skies. There's probably no place on earth that offerssuch a diverse range of good times to be had. And with Cannes FilmFestival taking place over the next week, what better time to takea look at what else Europe has to offer? From idyllic beaches toancient history, to vibrant cities and buzzing night-life, there'ssomething to suit every taste.

Below are four sure-fire ways to have your best summer yet inEurope.

1. See its sights: they're like along, cool drink for your eyes.

From the Renaissancearchitecture of Florence to the weird andwonderful Gaudi buildings and SagradaFamilia of Barcelona, Europe offers afeast for your eyes. Hit Paris to see the majesticEiffel Tower and then head up top to view thetwinkling lights of the French capital from a height. And don'tforget to visit Rome to witness the rugged andimposing Colosseum, the largest ancientamphitheatre of its kind.

And then there's the enchanting Old Town ofPrague, with its gothic castle andfairy-tale-streets, which are lined with luring absinthe bars andquirky shops. There are more sights in Europe than you can shake atourist map at, but that's the beauty of it; you never have totravel far to be amazed by yet another epic, bucket-listdestination.

2. Lay on its beaches. Because life,after all, is a beach. Especially in Europe.

If there's one thing you'respoilt for choice for in Europe, it's beaches. Make your way aroundthe Greek Islands to witness azure blue shores andwhite sands. From the tiny but cosmopolitanSkiathos; to the larger Corfu,which is adorned with gorgeous cove after gorgeous cove; you couldspend an entire summer just going from beach to beach in Greecealone.

Those who seek lively nights dancing in the shallows should headto Ibiza, Mykonos or Croatia,where people congregate to experience some of the best beachparties in the world. If, on the other hand, you're travelling withchildren, the quieter shores of Majorca inSpain, the Algarve inPortugal, Puglia inItaly and the South coast ofFrance are all ideal locations for family holidays.

3. Dance at its festivals likenobody's watching. Except the other happy festival-folk, ofcourse.

If you thought you had the besttime of your life at a muddy festival in the UK, wait 'til you seeyour favourite band perform as the sun sets over a sparklingMediterranean Sea. For those who love their bands, but like todabble in dance and electro too, Benicassim inSpain is a great festival to start off your summerin Europe. Acts who've played here include: Radiohead, The StoneRoses, Basement Jaxx, Kasabian, The Streets and Calvin Harris.

For the slightly more alternative taste, there'sPrimavera Sound in Barcelona,which has been played by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age,Pixies, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, The Cure and Bon Iver. Ifdubstep, reggae and drum & bass are more your scene, head toOutlook festival in Croatia. Andif you want a truly other-worldly experience,Tomorrowland in Belgium is theperfect choice (although not for the faint-hearted). Of course,that's not to downplay the joys of the British festival. With thelikes of Glastonbury, Leeds Festival, Secret Garden Party,Bestival and many more, we've got a lot to be proudof.

4. Eat your heart out: because ifnothing else, Europe is one epic trip for yourtaste-buds.

One of the main reasonspeople travel is to try delicious food, and Europe provides theperfect place to do so. From the succulent grilled meats ofGreece to Spain's famousPaella, to the freshly made pasta ofItaly, there's an abundance of things to try. Andthat's not even scratching the surface. To really get your teethstuck into different cuisines, head to food markets such asKauppatori in Helsinki,Berlin Village Market, Naschmarktin Vienna, Le Marche Raspail inParis and Borough Market inLondon.

If fresh seafood is your thing, you must visitBrussels in Belgium for the bestmuscles you'll ever try. Or alternatively, head to any one of theGreek Islands, the Italian coastor the shores of Croatia for seafood fresh fromthe ocean. For meaty dishes with a Middle Eastern vibe, head toTurkey, and for traditional tapas head toBarcelona inSpain.

So there you have it. All that's left to do is plan an itinerarythat takes you to see awesome sights, sunbathe on beautifulbeaches, dance at amazing festivals and taste some of the best foodon the planet. If it were any else in the world, you might havetrouble finding a place that hits all the spots… but in Europe,you'll be able to do all of this and more.

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