12 things you didn’t know about pancakes

Feb 08,2016

It's almost that time of year again - the glorious twenty-four hours in which it's acceptable to consume as many pancakes as humanly possible without physically bursting. It's a fact that we Brits love Shrove Tuesday and each year it's like we've been deprived of the delicious yet oh-so-simple snack for decades. We all know how to make them and we all have our favourite toppings, with most of us arguing that it has to be just so to be just right. So rather than bringing you a load of tired old Pancake Day recipes (you can't reinvent the wheel), we thought we'd bring you the ultimate pancake-fan fact sheet instead. So without further ado, we bet you didn't know…

1. Shrove Tuesday derives its name from the word shrive, which means 'absolve'. This refers to the fact that many Christians traditionally choose to make a point of self-examination on this day, considering which wrongs they need to repent.

2. The idea behind Pancake Day is to eat up all of the indulgent ingredients in the household the day before fasting for lent.

3. Pancakes are one of the oldest recorded recipes made by humans, with references of them being made in the works of 5th century BC poets Cratinus and Magnes in Ancient Greece.

4. The largest pancake ever made was created in Rochdale, Manchester, in 1994. It was a huge 15.01m in diameter and 2.5cm thick, and weighed a whopping 3 tonnes.

5. Around 52 million eggs are used in the UK on Pancake Day, which is 22 million more than usual.

6. The first ever ready-made pancake mix dates all the way back to 1889, when the brand Aunt Jemima brought out their own quick and easy formula.

7. Countries around the world have their own unique names for Pancake Day, many of them with interesting literal meanings. For example, in Italy they call it Carnivale which means 'goodbye to the flesh'. And Mardi Gras is a French term referring to Shrove Tuesday which literally translates as 'Fat Tuesday' i.e. the day of feasting before Lent.

8. It's a French tradition to make a wish as you flip a pancake in the pan, but you need to make sure you're holding a coin in the other hand!

9. Australian celebrity chef, Brad Jolly, once flipped a pancake a ludicrous 140 times in just one minute, earning him the Guinness world record for most tosses of a pancake in sixty seconds.

10. The most pancakes ever made in an hour by an individual is a phenomenal 1,092, a record achieved by Chef Ross McCurdy from Washington, USA.

11. Pancakes are one of the few recipes that can be found in almost every culture across the globe.

12. The longest pancake race to be completed in the quickest time was completed by Jan Stickland, who covered 384m in 59.5 seconds in Melbourne, Australia.

Who knew the humble old pancake had so many stories to tell? An ancient form of grub, it's clear the foodstuff is adored worldwide, but what we didn't realise was that it was the subject of quite so many world records.

If you love pancakes just as much as us, let us know on Twitter how you eat yours @MillenniumEU using the hashtag #PerfectPancake.


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