Wine flights take on new meaning with the Parkview Square wine angel

Jun 10,2016

If you are looking for a unique way to spend a fun evening in Singapore or want somewhere special to meet up with friends, DIVINE Wine Extraordinaire will provide a talking point. Just imagine – a real-life flying angel will retrieve your bottle of choice from a 12m-high wall of wine!

The Bar

The interior of DIVINE Wine Extraordinaire. Credit: Photo by Craig Stanfill / CC BY-SA 2.0

Just a 15-minute car ride from the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Singapore, a pleasant evening is assured at DIVINE Wine Extraordinaire in Parkview Square. This magnificent office building, next to Bugis MRT station on North Bridge Road, features outstanding architecture. The impressive granite, bronze and glass façade looks like it has been presiding over the plaza for a century, yet it was completed only in 2002. The 24-storey skyscraper houses several embassies and offices on the upper floors, but the lobby is given over to the unique wine bar.

The Wine Angel

An ‘angel’ dressed in a tutu will bring down the wine you ordered. Credit: Gillian Birch

What makes DIVINE Wine Extraordinaire a must-see is the 3-storey wall of wine. Once you have selected your wine from the extensive wine menus (one with Australian New World wines, the other with European Old World wines), a bartender dressed in a silver tutu with wings is hoisted up into the air in a harness. The pulley takes her to the shelf where the wine is, and she returns daintily to the ground to open and serve it.

The elegant space provides ample visual delight with its decorative coffered ceiling, stylish light fixtures, painted frescoes and opulent gilded decor. A mezzanine grand piano above the bar provides soft music while patrons recline on cushioned sofas or velvet chairs, immersing themselves in the Gothic ambience.

You can have wine by the glass and enjoy complimentary nibbles on the low tables, but ordering a bottle of your favourite wine allows you to see the wine angel take flight and retrieve your bottle. She is up and down in a trice, so keep your eyes open or you’ll miss her performance.

Parkview Square Architecture

It’s worth pausing to admire the architecture of Parkview Square before or after your DIVINE wine angel experience.

Known as ‘Gotham City’, Parkview Square is an imposing postmodern building decorated with gargoyles, motifs, and ornaments in classic Art Deco style. The landmark stands 144m high and can be seen from a great distance.

Greeting visitors at the centre of the plaza is a sleek golden crane, said to be taking off in the direction of China. The poem beneath is written in Chinese and describes a longing for home. The image symbolises the bringing of wealth to the building, which is reputedly one of the most expensive office buildings in Singapore.

Water features and elegant statues of many eminent figures from world history also surround the building. See if you can spot Abraham Lincoln, Wolfgang Mozart, Salvador Dali, William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill.

Once your DIVINE wine angel experience is over, you’ll find yourself close to upscale restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, which are perfect for completing your wonderful evening in downtown Singapore.

*Featured Image Credit: Photo by Marlon E / CC BY-SA 2.0


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