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Apr 19,2016

“Book early if you want to save!”

We’ve all heard that sage advice from “professional” traveller friends. It stands to reason: Since hotels do not like to leave rooms vacant, it is an incentive for them to fill it up earlier. Travel experts corroborate the theory. “The majority of bargains are bagged in advance, and if you have the flexibility to plan far ahead, take advantage of it,” it advised. “If you can book at least 6 months ahead you’ll find that you can score some ultimate cheap deals on hotel accommodation,” it added.

Besides booking early, use these tips to save on your hotel booking,
courtesy of M Hotel Singapore:

Location, Location, Location!

A good locale may get you closer to the action but hotels nearer to town are also dearer. It may be wiser to choose accommodations closer to transit stops (like the MRT) than right in the heart of town, advised American travel site Added bonus: You get to see how the natives travel to work and play.

Timing is Everything

Pick the right time to visit – and book. Switch out your hostel for a business hotel (such as M Hotel Singapore) on weekends, when they’re generally quiet. Check hotels’ websites for weekend packages. When to book is also a factor in price, advised United States education website Book your stays at the end of the quarter or year, it said. Hotels may have quarterly quotas to meet and are more willing to offer discounts end March, June, September or December.

Save More with Indirect Flights

If you rather save money over time, stop-overs are a often a better bet when it comes to getting to your destination. It might take you longer to get there, but segmenting your route can save you a hefty sum. Browse booking sites that suggest mixed-and-matched flight combinations for cheaper alternative routes that help cut your travel costs. In addition, the time of day at which you make your booking can make quite a difference. TimeOut suggests avoiding browsing for flights in the morning, when the bulk of business travellers’ booking activity occurs, and tends to drive prices up.

These tips may help to save some money on your rooms, but the best way to get a consistent discount and a comfortable stay is to sign up for a membership programme – such as the My Millennium Membership Millennium Hotel and Resorts. More than discounts, members get complimentary stays, exclusive privileges and a host of lifestyle treats. Find out more here!

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