The future of business travel: How new technologies are evolving hotels to serve you better

Just as science and technology are advancing, so are the expectations of business travellers. A phenomenon which is evolving hotels, as they rethink their customer’s overall experience. As a result they are creating more unique and connected experiences for travellers, like yourself.

Read on to discover how these new technology trends will change tomorrow’s business travel landscape.

Smart device-enabled hotels for smart travellers

Based on a research conducted by Software Advice, today’s tech-savvy generation of business travellers prefer hotels that are smartphone- or smartwatch-enabled. They are also more inclined to choose a hotel with an interactive lobby experience where they can self check-in and use a touchscreen device to explore other hotel facilities, city maps and other points of interest.
These business travellers are seeking a wide range of services, which are personalised and intuitive in every aspect of their travel, from pre-arrival to check-in and even expense reporting after they check out.
While most hotels are taking the guest experience to a whole new level, others have begun implementing advanced technology in their customer relations. These appeal to the business travellers who are digital natives, and seek convenience during their stay.

Examples of cutting-edge technologies that will redefine travelling for business.

Smart control: Your fingers will be doing most of the work as we step into a more advanced era. With a centralised digital device in the form of a tablet or a smart mirror that resembles Jarvis, you’ll be able to control the room’s lighting, temperature, television and curtains with just a touch.

Hey Siri: Concierge desks will be a thing of the past. All you’ll need is your smartphone with an app-based digital concierge that will attend to your needs with just a few clicks. If you need relevant tips and updates for your business travel, you just have to reach for your smartphone and everything will be taken care of.

iRobot: Too early to check-in? You can leave your luggage in the care of a robot as you explore the city unfettered. Upon your arrival, a specially-designed robot will systematically stow away your personal belongings inside a locker.

GPS- Collect: Concerned about logistics after you land? Soon, a GPS tracking tool will alert the hotel of your arrival and automatically send a transport service that knows the best way to your destination, to collect you.

Auto- Claim: Avoid spending hours tracking your business travel expenses when you get back in the office. An integrated travel-and-expense reporting tool will automatically generate an expense report based on your credit card spending.

Online- Lobby: Cut your precious time spent waiting in the lobby and direct more time attending to business matters as you check-in ahead of time through an online system.

Synchronised Sound: Particular about sound quality? With beacon technology, you can sync your smartphone with the room’s speaker system and it will transmit the perfect audio frequency according to your location in the room. So your audio experience will never be compromised even if you move from one side of the room to the other.

The Heritage Hotel Manila

One of the first hotels to implement steps towards the hotel of the future is The Heritage Hotel Manila. While frequent business travellers to the Philippines can expect the same level of comfort, it’s state-of-the-art key lock system and modern conference room facilities (with customised set-ups arranged to meet specific requirements) will provide a new level of convenience and peace of mind.

This is just the beginning of the many ways business travel will be reinvented. Starting from the traditional approach, the industry will rapidly shift to a tech-led personalised service, which will encompass intelligent furniture, adaptive room environments, and tailored entertainment. The increasing demands for such deep personalisation, unparalleled convenience and innovative experiences will be the benchmark for the future of business travel.

However no matter how the industry evolves, its core offering will always remain centered around delivering a superb experience based on service paired with convenience. Something the Millennium Hotels are synonymous with.

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