Make more time out of 24 hours

May 20,2016

Your time is precious. Whenever you’re in a new city, you pack your schedule to make the most out of it. But no one said meetings need to be long-drawn affairs. Here’s how you can optimise your business trip, and get in some time to see the town.

18-minute Meetings

TED Talks are renowned for being insightful, surprising and immensely useful. But did you know they’re also timed for 18 minutes? According to studies, our attention span wanes around the 18-minute mark, so keep your meetings short. This time block is also the same as your coffee break, and helps meeting hosts focus on the agenda.

Go for a Walk

You’ve heard of stand-up meetings, where morning updates are done on-the-fly and on your feet. Here’s a variant to keep your blood flowing and ideas fresh: Go on a coffee run and invite a co-worker along for a short discussion. If you’re in Manila, pick up some pastry goodness and coffee from Go Nuts Donuts. It’s just across the street from The Heritage Hotel Manila.

Set a Timer

Either set a timer to end your meeting or plan your walk to end in 18 minutes. If you’re staying at The Heritage Hotel Manila, making a pit stop at The Heritage Café is a 5-minute meeting, but a brisk walk to Go Nuts Donuts gives you a good 15 to 18 minutes.

Meet at Your Hotel

Millennium hotels are equipped to handle meetings, social gatherings and even conventions. Having your meetings brought to you means no time is wasted in gridlock, weaving your way through traffic. With the facilities and amenities at your disposal, your day will become that much more focused.

Have a Project Manager

Have you ever stepped away from a meeting wondering what you’re supposed to do next? Getting someone to assign responsibilities to action points in your agenda eliminates that problem. If the action points are designed to be bite-sized, they can even be put into action before you or your co-workers step into the next meeting.

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