5 Restaurants Lounge 2 Bars Room Service
5 star hotel 7 star service10/10 stars

Ismail J. Jul 2018 View_Reviews

Bab Al Qasr Hotel

  • Limo Restaurant

    Cuisine: Peruvian with South American Flair

    More then just food.

  • Morjana

    Cuisine: International snacks and light meals

    offering the ultimate Arabic Elegance, Morjana is the place to be seen for an informal meeting, a decadent afternoon tea, or to simply enjoy one of our unique carefully selected blends of teas and coffees together with delicate pastries, hand crafted by award our winning pastry chef .

  • Artisan Kitchen

    Cuisine: International

    International delicacies prepared with locally farmed ingredients.

  • Limo Bar

    Cuisine: Peruvian with Latin American flavours

    Mix it up.

  • Fresh Basil

    Cuisine: International

    On the go.

  • Loop

    Cuisine: International snacks and light meals

    Stay cool in the sun.