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About us

Established in Asia and now found in over 60 destinations worldwide.

Our Leadership


Our Board of Directors consists of nine members working globally to realise our vision: to be the leading global hospitality real estate ownership group for key gateway cities, with effective, in-built, and unique asset management skills.

Head Office

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc

Corporate Headquarters

Scarsdale Place


London W8 5SR

T: +44 (0) 20 7872 2444

F: +44 (0) 20 7872 2460

Board of Directors

Kwek Leng Beng
Chairman and Chairman of the Nominations Committee

Kwek Leng Beng has been the Chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc since its incorporation. He is the Executive Chairman of the Hong Leong Group of companies in Singapore, including City Developments Limited, Chairman and Managing Director of Read more

Aloysius Lee Tse Sang
Group Chief Executive Officer

Aloysius Lee Tse Sang was appointed to the Board as Group Chief Executive Officer on 1 March 2015. He is a Non-Executive Director of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels New Zealand and CDL Investments New Zealand Limited, both of which are listed on New ZeRead more

Nicholas George
Senior Independent Director

Nicholas George was appointed to the Board in June 2009. A chartered accountant by profession, Mr George sits on the board of G. K. Goh Holdings Limited a company listed in Singapore and Henderson Far East Income Limited which is listed on the LondonRead more

Kwek Eik Sheng
Non-Executive Director

Kwek Eik Sheng was appointed to the Board in May 2011. He has been with the Hong Leong Group of companies in Singapore since 2006, before joining City Developments Limited in 2009, where he is currently Chief Strategy Officer. Mr Kwek holds a BachRead more

Kwek Leng Peck
Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Risk Committee

Kwek Leng Peck was appointed to the Board in February 1995, prior to the flotation of the Company on the London Stock Exchange. He holds directorships on most of the listed companies within the Hong Leong Group of companies in Singapore, including CiRead more

His Excellency Shaukat Aziz
Independent Non-Executive Director

Shaukat Aziz was appointed to the Board in June 2009. He was elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan and served between 2004 and 2007, having previously held the post of Finance Minister for 5 years. After graduating from Gordon College, Rawalpindi Read more

Susan Farr
Independent Non-Executive Director

Susan Farr was appointed to the Board in December 2013. She has been a business director of Chime Communication Limited (formerly Chime Communication plc) since 2003, a position now held on a part time basis. She also serves as a nonexecutive directRead more

Gervase MacGregor
Independent Non-Executive Director and and Chairman of the Audit Committee

Gervase MacGregor was appointed to the Board in December 2014. He has been a partner in BDO LLP since 1991, where he is currently the Head of International Advisory, Risk and Quality Services, specialising in forensic investigations, and expert witneRead more

Alexander Waugh
Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

Alexander Waugh was appointed to the Board in June 2009. Mr Waugh has commercial experience in event management and the media industry and is the founder of a successful publishing business. Mr Waugh is also a world renowned author, literary critic aRead more

Daniel Desbaillets
Independent Non-Executive Director

Daniel Desbaillets was appointed to the Board in September 2014. Prior to his appointment Mr Desbaillets was an Independent Non-Executive Director of M&C REIT Management Limited, the manager for CDL Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust ("H-REIT")Read more

Howard Wu
Independent Non-Executive Director

Howard Wu was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director with effect from 17 February 2017. Mr Wu brings broad information technology, data security and e-commerce experience to the Board, having held senior positions with technology companiRead more