Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. A reservation must be made via the Millennium & Copthorne Website. This reservation must be booked and confirmed with a Millennium or Copthorne Hotel.
  2. The Best Rate Guarantee is applicable only to publicly available rates. Examples of NON-public available rates include corporate rates, government rates, group rates, meeting and package rates. In addition, it excludes rates offered to closed segment groups like members of our frequent guest program.
  3. The lower rate you found compared to our website rate, must be viewable, bookable on line and verifiable at the time of booking.
  4. The Claim form must be submitted via the E-form on our website and must be received within 24 hours of the confirmation of your booking on our website. Claims must also be submitted at least 72 hours prior to your time of arrival at the hotel.
  5. The lower rate found must be for the same hotel, same type of accommodation, same dates, same number of guests and with the same terms and conditions applicable to the room rate. The room rate booked or product must be for the EXACT same product for that room rate or category. (For example King bed with a breakfast included and a King bed room are not the EXACT same and hence the guarantee does not apply).
  6. The Best Rate Guarantee excludes opaque channels and websites that omit the name of the hotel until the booking is confirmed with payment. It also excludes rates given through an auction or bidding website. For definition, an opaque channel is an entity that prevents the buyer from obtaining information relating to an available hotel room until it has locked in payment from you as the buyer. A site is opaque if it does not give you the name of the property, or type of room you are booking prior to payment.
  7. The Best Rate Guarantee is applicable to room rates only and therefore excludes package rates. By definition, package rates are rooms that include value added amenities like breakfast, hotel parking and internet. In addition, the term package rates can include rooms that are a part of travel packages can include other services, like a hotel room coupled with airfare, tour or a rental car.
  8. The Best Rate Guarantee discount (15%) is only applicable to the room rate and excludes taxes, gratuities and any other additional charges.
  9. The Best Rate Guarantee is not applicable if the price difference is due to currency or exchange rate fluctuations.