Millennium Maxwell House Hotel Nashville

    2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard
  • Nashville, TN, 37228
  • United States
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Maxwell's Lounge

Maxwell's Lounge is the perfect setting in which to unwind after a day spent exploring the many delights that Nashville has to offer. As one of the livelier bars in Nashville, TN, Maxwell's Lounge hosts entertainment every night of the week.

Live bands regularly perform country, blues and alt-rock numbers while patrons socialize and enjoy a drink or two at the bar. Good food is also available, with the menu featuring a number of classic Southern dishes. All in all, this Nashville lounge is a great venue in which to enjoy a memorable night's entertainment.

Operating Hours 
2:00pm - 11:00pm

Other Information 
Food served, bar snacks served


For reservations & enquiry

For reservations or to enquire please contact us

T: +1 615 259 4343

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