Bluebird Cafe

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The Bluebird Cafe Nashville is an essential attraction for all music lovers.  In spite of its unassuming title, the cafe is much more than just an eatery, with live music and entertainment available throughout the week.

The cafe, which doubles as a club, is an intimate setting in which to experience some of the best music that Nashville has to offer.  Originally just a diner, Bluebird Cafe subsequently went on to grow in stature and started hosting regular musical events.  Today, the venue is best known for its live music. A number of local and touring artists regularly perform here. The music is rich and varied, though acoustic performances are a staple of the cafe. Solo artists, singer/songwriters and small ensembles can be found most nights of the week performing to packed crowds at this bijou venue.

Proud of its reputation for live music, Bluebird Cafe obliges new artists to audition prior to guesting on their Sunday night show. There is an emphasis on original material, in keeping with Nashville's reputation for producing some of the nation's finest country and alt-rock.

The cafe truly came of age when some of its regular performers successfully secured record deals while continuing to play at the cafe, in spite of their burgeoning fame. As word spread of the Bluebird Cafe's stellar line-up, so did its reputation as one of Tennessee's leading musical venues.

As well as live music, patrons can enjoy a range of light bites and meals including appetizers, entrees and desserts. The American cuisine is freshly cooked to order and provides an authentic taste of the South.