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Take a Twilight Safari around Chicago's zoo

Enjoy an after-hours walk around Chicago's zoo this year. View on Map


From 22 May 2013 To 28 August 2013


Lincoln Park Zoo, 2001 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

The zoo is a great place to head to on any break, as it is fun and entertaining at the same time - but have you ever thought of going at night instead of during the day?

Of course, this won't be something most people get the chance to do - but guests at Chicago hotels will be the exception to the rule on May 22nd thanks to the Twilight Safari event at Lincoln Park Zoo.

This will take place in the evening after-hours and will see a zoo horticulturist and an animal expert guide ticketholders around to show them the interesting things that go on after almost everyone else has left.

It is well worth taking a camera along, as some of the sights will be truly captivating - for example, the pumas may be feeding, as they tend to hunt in the dark with their great eyesight.

Tickets cost just $13 - and anyone who cannot make it in May should not be too disappointed, as further Twilight Safaris will also be going on later in the year - June 26th, July 24th and August 28th, to be precise.

Guests at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago will have no trouble getting to the zoo, as it is just five minutes away from the accommodation by taxi.