Niagara Falls

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The Niagara Falls should need no introduction: these cascading waterfalls have been a major tourist attraction for centuries, and continue to inspire thousands of visitors every day. Niagara Falls consist of two seperate waterfalls that lie on the border between Ontario and New York. The two falls are named Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

The first, Horseshoe Falls, is the most famous and the largest, dropping an incredible 53 meters. While not as large, American Falls is still equipped with a hefty 21 meter drop. There is also a small waterfall adjacent to this, known as Bridal Veil Falls.

Visitors can walk up to the base of the Niagara Falls during the course of the Cave of the Winds tour. At such close range, you will be able to feel the fine mist spray caused by the cascading water. The tour commences with a 175-foot elevator ride to the Niagara Gorge. From here, a series of wooden walkways lead to Hurricane Deck, where you can take in the awe-inspiring sight of the water as it relentlessly crashes down.

Alternatively, visitors may embark upon the iconic Maid of the Mist boat tour, which leads right up to the base of the falls. At such close range, the noise is deafening and the sight is mesmerizing. Afterwards, there is the Visitor Center to browse, complete with charming souvenirs and gifts.

There are a number of ways to get to Niagara Falls. Visitors can travel by car, train or by plane from Buffalo Niagara International Airport. If you're seeking hotels near Niagara Falls, the Millennium Buffalo is a fine choice, providing easy access and superior accommodations near this amazing natural wonder.

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