Buffalo Zoo

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The Buffalo Zoo is a huge draw with many visitors to the area. The sheer array of plant and animal life to be found within its walls is staggering. Guests can expect to see mammals, reptiles, amphibians and exotic birds during their visit.

As one of the oldest zoos in the U.S, Buffalo Zoo has a rich history. Originally little more than a small amusement with only a few deer, the zoo now plays an important role in animal preservation.

Within the zoo's lush gardens, you'll find streams, trees, pools and other water features that have been designed to mimic the natural habitat. A diverse collection of creatures of all sizes can be found housed within Buffalo Zoo. These include Siberian Tigers, Asian elephants, American alligators, tomato frogs, vultures and giant Brazilian cockroaches.

Buffalo Zoo is within easy reach of the Millennium Buffalo. Contact the hotel concierge to find out more about this iconic Buffalo attraction or to reserve your stay today.