Millennium Harvest House Boulder

    1345 Twenty-Eighth Street
  • Boulder, CO, 80302
  • United States
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Attractions & Events

There are numerous Colorado events to take in all year round from our hotel in Boulder, Colorado. From skiing in the winter season to hiking through the mountain trails in the summer; this beautiful mountain region has got it all.

From the hotel's finely landscaped gardens to the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains, there are numerous attractions to explore on foot. This Boulder hotel features a total of 16 acres of pristine gardens and grassy areas, providing an ideal setting for a casual business meeting. There are also a number of visitor attractions to be enjoyed in Boulder, including events and festivals that are held throughout the year.

Popular attractions

Boulder Creek Path

Boulder Creek Path runs all the way from Easy Boulder, and runs close to the Valmont River. It's a popular route for joggers, walkers and cyclists.

Dushanbe Teahouse

The impressive Dushanbe Teahouse is an elaborate structure with a lot of history to it. This iconic building commands attention, and consistently captivates visitors in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

Pearl Street Mall

No trip to Boulder would be complete without paying a visit to Pearl Street Mall. This shopping emporium has an enticing array of boutiques, bars and restaurants.