Millennium Harvest House Boulder

    1345 Twenty-Eighth Street
  • Boulder, CO, 80302
  • United States
  • T. +1 303 443 3850
  • F. +1 303 443 1480
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Transportation Options

Traveling from Boulder to Denver International Airport is easy! Located 43 miles east of the Millennium Harvest House, the Denver International Airport is our primary gateway to Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. We highly recommend that all departing guests arrive in the airport ticketing lobbies at least 90 minutes before departure, with international travelers allowing at least two hours.

Shuttle Service
Green Ride Boulder is focused on resource sustainability and minimal environmental impact. They charge $30 one way for the first passenger and $15 for any additional. Senior and student discounts offer $3 off for the first passenger. Children 6 and under free. A reservation is required by calling +1 303 997 0238 or you may book online at

Super Shuttle charges $29.00 per passenger one way or $54.00 round trip when booked online. An agent can be reached at +1 303 227 0000 or you may book online at  There are no runs after 1.00 pm.

RTD Public Bus
Taking the AB/ABA Bus, which departs every 15 minutes during peak hours is approximately $13.00. All buses arrive at and depart from DIA at convenient SkyRide curbside locations . For more information, please visit or call +1 303 299 6000.

Taxi Cabs
Yellow Cab charges a flat rate of $84.00 plus gratuity. They can be reached at +1 303 777 7777.

Metro Taxi charges $2.60 once you enter the cab. Afterwards there is a $2.25 per mile addition to reach your destination. They can be reached at +1 303 333 3333.

Freedom Cab charges a flat rate of $84.00 plus gratuity. They can be reached at+1 303 444 4444.