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Investigate why locusts can impact upon human health in Boston

Investigate why locusts can impact upon human health in Boston View on Map


From 18 June 2013 To 18 June 2013


Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

For years people have been afraid of locust swarms, either for biblical reasons or just because they don't look very nice in such a big group. 

However, these strange insects could be more useful than many of us imagine. 

Guests at Boston hotels will be able to find out why at Harvard Museum of Natural History on June 18th, when Australian biologist Steve Simpson takes to the stage to present Law of the Locusts: What Insect Swarms Teach Us about Cannibalism, Aging, and Human Obesity. 

He will explain how we can find out all kinds of things from swarms, including why the population is getting fatter and why we behave as we do in crowds. 

It promises to be a fascinating event for all ages and attendance is completely free. 

The lecture is in a hall adjacent to the museum and guests at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel Boston can get there very easily in a taxi, which will take just 15 minutes.