Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Situated right in the middle of Downtown LA, the Walt Disney Concert Hall never fails to dazzle guests with its bold architectural lines and sublime acoustics.

Los Angeles will always be the beating heart of the entertainment industry, but one of its most unique attractions today has little to do with movie stars. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, widely acclaimed since its opening in 2003 for its architectural and acoustic sophistication, is a testament to the unique energy and aesthetic of the City of Angels.

One of a Kind

Created thanks to the generosity of the Disney family, among other philanthropists, the concert hall is one of several world-famous landmarks designed by visionary architect Frank Gehry. Connoisseurs may recognize him for his design work on the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, France.

Defined by its swooping, stainless steel curves, the Walt Disney Concert Hall very much embodies the creative spirit of Los Angeles. Often described as resembling the billowing, silver sails of a ship at sea, the dramatic shape of the building’s exterior contrasts starkly with the intimate, warm, wood-paneled interior. The actual stage is made from Alaskan yellow cedar, an especially resonant type of wood.

For the Love of Music

Although revered as an architectural marvel, the concert hall is still dedicated to its main purpose -- bringing top music performances to the city of Los Angeles. With over 2,000 seats, the hall serves a variety of purposes, not least of which is to house both the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Los Angeles Master Chorale.

Acoustics aside, the viewer experience is further enhanced by the auditorium’s vineyard-style seating, which ensures an intimate view of the conductor and musicians from any seat in the house. During the design phase, Ernest Fleischmann, the former Executive Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, successfully lobbied against the inclusion of the balconies and boxes that traditionally divide concertgoers. This egalitarian approach reflects a certain West Coast progressiveness that helps make the Walt Disney Concert Hall experience unlike any other in the world.

A Garden Oasis

Beyond the striking slopes of its shiny exterior, the Walt Disney Concert Hall also includes a public park for everyone (not just concertgoers) to enjoy. In its center, the park includes a rose fountain honoring Lillian Disney, the Concert Hall’s very first donor. Frank Gehry named the park’s centerpiece, “A Rose for Lilly,” and constructed it from broken pieces of her favorite material, Delft China.

Hotels Near Walt Disney Concert Hall

Any visitor to Los Angeles should make time to admire both the architectural wonder of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and to explore its superb programming for music lovers of all ages. In a city drowning in tacky tours and horrendous traffic, this landmark is your opportunity to relish the finer cultural treasures of L.A. at your leisure.

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