Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

506 South Grand Avenue United States 90071

Biltmore Filming History

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles has been the filming location for numerous award-winning feature films, television shows, cable specials and commercials.

Films such as Chinatown, Airport '79, Ghostbusters, The Nutty Professor, Iron Man, The Dark Knight Rises and many more have used the Biltmore as its choice location. Even popular television shows such as Mad Men  and CSI have been to filmed  around and within the iconic Los Angeles hotel.

The following is a partial list of Feature Film productions filmed at the hotel since 1975. Review the full list, including Weekly Episodic TV shows like Mad Men, Glee and Parks & Recreation, among others.

Name Studio When
Chinatown Paramount November 1975
A Star is Born First Artists March 1976
Billy Jack Goes To Washington National Student Film Corp. May 1976
King Kong Paramount July 1976
New York, New York MGM August 1976
The Other Side Of Midnight 20th Century Fox December 1976
Faces Faces International March 1977
Evening in Byzantium Universal Pictures May 1977
Loose Change Universal Pictures May 1977
The Other Side Of The Mountain Universal Pictures June 1977
Blue Collar TAT Communications June 1977
The Driver 20th Century Fox August 1977
The Betsy Harold Robbins International September 1977
The Buddy Holly Story Columbia Pictures November 1977
The Raid on Coffeyville Dan Curtis Productions May 1978
Little MO Spelling Entertainment July 1978
Ebony, Ivory & Jane Frankel Films July 1978
The Foundation Associated TV October 1978
Airport '79 Universal Pictures January 1979
Blind Ambition Time Life January 1979
Power Columbia Pictures February 1979
Baltimore Bullet Film Fair March 1979
Bad News Bears Paramount May 1979
Altered States Warner Bros. May 1979
Beggerman, Thief Universal Pictures-NBC August 1979
The French Atlantic Affair MGM August 1979
The Long Days Of Summer Dan Curtis Productions October 1979
The Octagon American Cinema Productions January 1980
Freebie and the Bean Warner Bros. February 1980
The Group Savage Beast Pictures February 1980
A Change Of Seasons 20th Century Fox March 1980
True Confessions MGM April 1980
The Dollmaker United Artists April 1980
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen American Citizen June 1980
Continental Divide Universal City Pictures December 1980
Foul Play Paramount Pictures December 1980
Posse David Gerber Productions January 1981
National Lampoon Goes To The Movies United Artists January 1981
Rocky III MGM April 1981
Pink Panther Blake Edwards February 1982
Young Doctors in Love ABC Films May 1982
Star 80 The Ladd Company August 1982
Dr. Detroit Universal Pictures August 1982
The Quest Stephen Cannell Productions September 1982
Masquerade 20th Century Fox March 1983
Splash Disney Productions May 1983
The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai 20th Century Fox August 1983
Masquerade 20th Century Fox September 1983
Bachelor Party 20th Century Fox October 1983
Ghostbusters Columbia Pictures Features February 1984
Brewster's Millions Universal Pictures May 1984
Beverly Hills Cop Paramount Pictures July 1984
Hot Pursuit NBC Productions September 1984
Firefox Universal Pictures January 1985
Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues CBS Entertainment, Inc. May 1985
Pretty In Pink Paramount Pictures July 1985
Baby Boom MGM January 1987
Chances Are Tri-Star Pictures June 1988
Fabulous Baker Boys 20th Century Fox January 1989
Ghostbusters 2 Columbia March 1989/td>
Joe vs. the Volcano Warner Bros. June 1989
Another 48 Hours Paramount Pictures January 1990
The Five Heartbeats 20th Century Fox April 1990
Misery Columbia September 1990
Bugsy MCA/Tri-Star January 1991
Stella Samuel Goldwin July 1991
All I Want For Christmas Paramount Pictures July 1991
Final Analysis Warner Bros. October 1991
A Very Good Year Castle Rock Production December 1991
Hero Columbia Pictures January 1992
Born Yesterday Buena Vista Pictures January 1992
The Bodyguard Warner Bros. April 1992
Hoffa 20th Century Fox April 1992
The Distinguished Gentlemen Buena Vista Pictures June 1992
Dave Warner Bros. August 1992
True Lies 20th Century Fox September 1992
In The Line Of Fire Castle Rock Pictures December 1992
Beverly Hills Cop III Paramount Pictures October 1993
Little Big League Castle Rock Prod., Inc. February 1994
Junior Universal Pictures May 1994
Don Juan De Marco Juno Pictures, Inc. May 1994
Don Juan De Marco Juno Pictures, Inc. May 1994
Speechless MGM, Inc. July 1994
Forget Paris Castle Rock Entertainment November 1994
In The Line Of Fire Castle Rock Entertainment May 1995
The Nutty Professor Universal Pictures July 1995
Independence Day 20th Century Fox August 1995
Escape From L.A. Paramount Pictures December 1995
The Fan Fan Production January 1996
The Rock Hollywood Production January 1996
Grosse Point Blank Buena Vista Pictures January 1996
Set It Off New Line Cinema January 1996
My Fellow Americans Warner Bros. April 1996
Romy & Michele's High School Reunion Touchstone Pictures May 1996
The Game Polygram June 1997
Primary Colors Universal Pictures, Inc. July 1997
My Giant Castle Rock Pictures, Inc. August 1997
Payback Warner Bros. October 1997
Molly MGM Productions March 1998
Enemy Of State Buena Vista Pictures March 1998
Cruel Intentions Columbia Pictures April 1998
8MM Columbia Pictures April 1998
Message In A Bottle TIG/Warner Bros. Productions July 1998
Fight Club 20th Century Fox July 1998
The Debtors BPL Films October 1998
Lost Souls New Line Cinema November 1998
Blue Streak Columbia Pictures February 1999
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Universal Pictures April 1999
Deuce Bigolo: Male Gigolo Touchstone Pictures Spring 1999
Thirteen Days Warner Bros. January 2000
What Women Want Paramount Pictures March 2000
Blow New Line Cinema April 2000
Rock Star! Metal Productions April/May 2000
Heartbreakers MGM Productions May 2000
Project 95 TVM Productions, Inc. July 2000
Simone Avery Pix, Inc. October 2000
Dragonfly MGM Universal Pictures November 2000
The Cell DNA Productions December 2000
Clockstoppers Paramount Pictures February 2001
Ocean's Eleven Universal Pictures February 2001
Mr. Deeds Columbia Pictures April 2001
Enough Columbia Pictures April 2001
The Sweetest Thing Columbia Pictures April 2001
Spider-Man Columbia Pictures May 2001
Stuart Little 2 Columbia Pictures June 2001
The Master of Disguise Sony Pictures November 2001
Austin Powers in Goldmember New Line Cinema December 2001
Bringing Down The House Disney Productions June 2002
Daredevil 20th Century Fox June 2002
The Italian Job Paramount Pictures September 2002
House of Sand and Fog Dreamworks Productions LLC October 2002
S.W.A.T. Columbia Pictures October 2002
Surviving Christmas Dreamworks Productions LLC December 2002
Expert Witness 20th Century Fox March 2003
Providence Walt Disney Pictures March 2003
Cheaper By The Dozen 20th Century Fox March 2003
Paparazzi Airborn Productions April 2003
Starsky & Hutch Warner Bros. Pictures June 2003
The Criminal Warner Bros. Pictures June 2003
First Daughter 20th Century Fox July 2003
First Daughter 20th Century Fox August 2003
Bride & Prejudice Kintop, Inc. November 2003
The Criminal Warner Bros. Pictures November 2003
Shopgirl Shopgirl, Inc. December 2003
Wedding Crashers Avery Pix, Inc. March 2004
Crash Crash Productions, Inc. March 2004
Synergy Universal Pictures March 2004
Beauty Shop MGM Studios, Inc. April 2004
Miss Congeniality 2 Warner Bros. Pictures May 2004
Untitled Martin Lawrence Project 20th Century Fox June 2004
Cat Woman Warner Bros. Pictures June 2004
XXX 2 Revolution Films July 2004
Rumor Has It Rose City Pictures, Inc. August 2004
Otherwise Engaged Rose City Pictures, Inc. August 2004
D-War "D-War, LLC" November 2004
Syrianna Warner Bros., LLC February 2005
42.4% Grammercy Productions, LLC April 2005
Grandma's Boy Wilshire 1 Productions, LLC March/April 2005
Flags Of Our Fathers Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. October 2005
Mission Impossible III Paramount Pictures December 2005
7th Heaven The WB TV Network December 2005
Commander-In-Chief ABC, Inc. January 2006
In Justice ABC, Inc. January 2006
Evan Almighty Universal City Studio, LLLP March 2006
The Little Man Big Baby Productions, LLC March 2006
License To Wed 20th Century Fox June 2006
Spring Breakdown Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. August 2006
The Great Buck Howard 20th Century Fox September 2006
Dreamgirls Dreamworks, LLC September 2006
Rush Hour 3 Avery Pix, Inc. February 2007
Iron Man Iron Works Productions, LLC May 2007
National Treasure 2 NT2 Productions, Inc. May 2007
The Soloist Dreamworks Productions, LLC March 2008
Obsessed Stage 6 Films, Inc. May 2008
Dam Love Bollywoood Hollywood Productions July/August 2008
State of Play Universal Pictures November 2008
State of Play Universal Pictures January 2009
Columbus Circle G4 Productions July 2009
Beginners Beginners Movie, LLC December 2009
Bridesmaids So Happy For Your Productions, LLC June 2010
Like Crazy Like Crazy, LLC June 2010
But Beautiful One Zero Productions July 2010
Atlas Shrugged "The Strike" Productions July 2010
J. Edgar Hoover Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. February 2011
Hotel Noir Gato Negro Films August 2011
Valiant RG Pictures August 2011
The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros. Pictures October 2011
Destiny the Stars and You Attention Soldier Productions December 2011
A Leading Man ALM Productions August 2012
Delirium World's Fair Pictures October 2012
Baggage Claim Sneak Preview Productions November 2012