Floating Kabarette

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From 30 July 2014 To 27 December 2014


16 Main St Dumbo Brooklyn

Don't be too weirded out by the name - at least until you've been inside and witnessed the rest of this bizarre cabaret act. The moment you enter the Galapagos art space - where it is held - you'll be enchanted by the mood lighting.

And that's before the performance even gets going. Featuring circus acts, dance troupes, burlesque, magic, trapeze and more through its ever rotating cast of artists, there is a reason why this incredible cabaret night has been running for a while.

The only performers you can count on seeing every night is resident dance troupe Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, who make sure the audience is settled before launching into an incredible dance number to get everything started.

Afterwards, keep the party going until 1am with drinks and cocktails alongside the cast members before stumbling home to the ONE UN New York hotel for a nice rest.

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