Explore punk's contribution to fashion at the New York Met

Explore punk's contribution to fashion at the New York Met View on Map


From 09 May 2013 To 14 August 2013


Metropolitan Museum of Art, 6 East 82nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10028

Punk music caused quite a stir when it burst onto the scene in the late 1970s with its fast, angry songs and anti-establishment lyrics.

However, it also rocked the world of fashion - and this is something guests at New York hotels will be able to explore if they visit the city's Metropolitan Museum of Art this year.

Punk: Chaos to Couture will be running from May 9th to August 14th and it will present around 100 items of clothing from the era that brought The Sex Pistols and The Clash to fame.

New garments are also to be displayed alongside them to show how punk has had a continuing influence on couture, for example, in the symbols used and the 'do it yourself' mentality created.

Visitors can take a look at New York and London's punk scenes, hardware, graffiti and many more themes in an immersive multimedia experience that is sure to live long in the mind.

Residents staying at the Premier Hotel New York can get to the Met Museum in just over ten minutes in a taxi.

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