Dinosaur Safari

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From 30 July 2014 To 31 December 2014


Bronx Zoo, Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY, United States

If you've ever been to the zoo, you'll know what to expect - a selection of creatures from all corners of the animal kingdom. However, we guarantee this particular Bronx establishment has one or two exhibits that you won't have seen before. Namely, dinosaurs.

Like something out of The Land Before Time, they emerge from the bushes, battling extinction and rolling back the years. In all, there are more than 20 animatronic creatures to be seen, as well as a number of stationary ones as well.

As well as watching these beasties do their thing as they have done for millions of years, you'll have the opportunity to learn about various dinosaur groups and undergo a demonstration of their various behavioural traits.

Great for kids and enormous fun for adults too, you're sure to have an absolute whale of a time at the Dinosaur Safari. Be sure to book into the Millennium Broadway Hotel New York.

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