Experience the wonder of whales at the American Museum of Natural History

An exhibition about whales is now showing at the American Museum of Natural History. View on Map


From 23 March 2013 To 04 January 2014


American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY 10024-5192

Whales seem to hold a special place in the minds of animal lovers - huge yet no threat to humans, they are elusive and majestic as they dive underneath and surface from the oceans.

Guests at New York hotels can take a closer look at the marine animals if they visit the American Museum of Natural History soon, as it is holding a special exhibition entitled Whales: Giants of the Deep from now until January 5th 2014.

This aims to explore the relationship between whales and humans throughout history, from their place in the mythology of Inuit people to their role as prey in the whaling industry.

Visitors will be able to go on a virtual dive to the bottom of the sea to watch a sperm whale chase a squid and crawl through a replica blue whale heart to appreciate its size.

A host of artifacts will also be on show - including the log book of a whaling ship from 1830 - so this promises to be both fascinating and entertaining.

Guests of the Premier Hotel New York should be able to find the museum easily, as it is situated on Central Park West at 79th Street.

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