Enjoy historic theatre tours in Minneapolis

Enjoy historic theatre tours in Minneapolis View on Map


From 10 November 2012 To 10 November 2012


State Theatre, 805 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402, United States

There is so much to do in a city as culturally diverse as Minneapolis that it can be quite a task for visitors to narrow down their itinerary to a manageable number of events and attractions.

However, when enjoying a city break, there is nothing more important than getting a feel for the culture and history of a place.

One fantastic way of doing this could be to head out on one of the planned historic theatre tours.

Starting at the Minneapolis State Theatre, it costs just $5 to tag along and be led around sites of interest by a guide.

Participants can expect to enjoy interesting tales behind some of the most distinctive and iconic landmarks in the city.

People could do much worse than booking rooms at the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis, as it is just a short, ten-minute walk away from the initial meeting point for the event.

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