Theatres in Minneapolis


Minneapolis boasts a number of fantastic theaters, with enough seats per head to rival New York City.

Among the theaters in Minneapolis is perhaps the oldest and best known in the region, the Guthrie Theater. Named after renowned performer and art lover Sir Tyrone Guthrie, it is located in South Minneapolis in the Walker Art Center. The venue opened in 1963, and staged Shakespeare's Hamlet as its first production. Since then, the Guthrie has seen a number of well-known plays performed on its stage, including Oedipus, Henry V and the Merchant of Venice.

The Orpheum Theater is another well-known theater in Minneapolis, regarded for its productions of Broadway musicals. Built in the early 1920's and later refurbished in 1993, it has also hosted bands such as the Counting Crows.

If you'd like to buy tickets for any upcoming shows, these can be obtained from the ticket booths of these theaters in advance. However, some of the theaters do feature an online ticketing office, and any unsold tickets are usually sold off in a ticket rush on a first-come-first-served basis.

When visiting these historic Minneapolis theaters, book your stay at the nearby Millennium Hotel Minneapolis. Conveniently located in the downtown area, the hotel offers travelers access to the city's vibrant theater district.