Take the kids to learn about Mayan culture in LA

Take the kids to learn about Mayan culture in LA View on Map


From 17 February 2013 To 17 February 2013


5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

While there is plenty for tourists to do in a big city like Los Angeles, parents will understand that it can be very difficult to find something that will keep the children entertained.

On February 17th, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will be playing host to a very special event that should fit the bill perfectly.

Entitled Andell Family Sundays - Animal Avatars it gives the little ones a great opportunity to learn about ancient Mayan culture in a practical way.

They will be able to sculpt clay vessels with images of their own design based on Mayan animal iconography.

There will also be an art chat with Beatriz Jaramillo and Robert Morse and the chance to create an accordion zoo book.

Residents at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles will find that they are able to get to the venue in less than 20 minutes if they take a cab.

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