Enjoy Build-It Bamboo at Durham museum this summer

Enjoy Build-It Bamboo at Durham museum this summer View on Map


From 15 June 2013 To 30 June 2013


Museum of Life + Science, 433 Murray Avenue, Durham, NC 27704

Bamboo can be found in habitats all over the world, from chilly mountainsides to hot tropical regions.

It is very important in southern, south-east and eastern Asia as a food source, building product and raw material in all kinds of industries.

Guests at Durham hotels can develop a new appreciation for the plant if they head to Build-It Bamboo at the Museum of Life + Science between June 15th and 30th.

Visitors are invited to make their own masterpieces from strips of the plant, whether they are miniature homes, pieces of art or even rafts.

The event is aimed at children, but parents are sure to have a fantastic time there too and it could be a great way to keep the whole family occupied.

Residents of the Millennium Hotel Durham can get to the museum in around seven minutes in a taxi, so this could be the best way to go along and check out the exhibition.

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