Duke University

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Originally known as Trinity College, today Duke University is an enormous campus. It features several attractions of national importance, which guests can visit when they stay at our hotel near Duke University.

One of the main attractions at the University is the Duke Chapel, an impressive 210 foot tower that is located in the West Campus. It is the center of all religious activity in the University, and visitors are welcome to discover the magnificent interiors within. 

Beyond the chapel, Duke University boasts a marvelous museum, which houses more than 13,000 pieces of art from artists including Christian Boltanski, William Cordova, Sam Durant, and Francois Gerard. The permanent collection of the museum features a wide range of medieval and Renaissance Art, as well as classical sculpture and pre-Columbian art. Various art exhibitions also travel here from around the world, and are spread out over the museum's three enormous galleries.

The Sarah Duke Gardens, however, are considered the 'crown jewel' of the University. Located on a 55 acre plot, they are recognized as one of the premier gardens in the United States, and attract over 300,000 visitors a year. Five miles of pathways, alleys and walks make for wonderful afternoon out, during which you can discover this serene yet bountiful environment.

The Millennium Hotel Durham is located just one mile from Duke University, and a convenient shuttle service travels to all of these wonderful attractions.