Duke Medical Center

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The Duke Medical Center, formerly known as the Duke University Hospital, is one of the most respected medical centers in the country. In fact, in 2007, it was ranked the 7th best in the United States.

The medical center was created as part of the Duke family's interest in Duke University, and it has rapidly grown into a hub of innovation and excellence.

In fact, a surgeon at the Duke Medical Center introduced ultra violet in 1936, purging the surgery rooms of airborne germs. The center also practiced systematic hypothermia during cardiac surgery, and in 1969, the first studies of human function under deep sea pressures were conducted. Another breakthrough was the creation of a 3 minute test on newborn babies, screening them for over 30 metabolic diseases at once. The test is now a standard that is used throughout the United States, and a nod to the Duke Medical Center's outstanding legacy.

Of the many hotels near Duke Medical Center, the Millennium Hotel Durham is one of the finest. Located just blocks from the hospital, the hotel shuttle service is available every half-hour for transportation.