Cincinnati Facts


The third-largest city in the state of Ohio, Cincinnati is located close to its border with Kentucky. It became what is believed to be the first boomtown in the heart of the country during the 1800s, even though it could not benefit from shipping and ports as its coastal counterparts had done. This was largely down to the railways and although economic growth in Cincinnati did slow once they had begun to fade, its evolution as a city did not.

The name is thought to come from the Roman dictator Cincinnatus and the city has played a key part in many periods throughout history, serving as a supply area for the Union Army during the American Civil War. People who travel to Cincinnati will also notice that some of its architecture is very European in style, which is down to its large immigrant population of Germans and Italians when the buildings were being constructed.

These days, you might recognize the city's name from baseball. On Opening Day for each season, Cincy, as the city is affectionally know as, always hosts the first game, with a celebrity usually taking the first throw of the game. A strong affiliation with sports and an interesting supply of cultural attractions means you will find yourself fascinated by this Midwestern metropolis.


Getting there:
The main airport serving Cincinnati is the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. As the name suggests, the hub is shared by the two neighboring states and airplanes actually land in Kentucky, just across the Ohio River.

You may be able to get direct flights to the airport, but it is also possible to land in other US cities and get connecting flights.

There are public transport links from the hub to the city center, meaning you shouldn't have any trouble reaching your hotel in Cincinnati. If you are already in the US and do not want to fly, Cincinnati is also served by Greyhound cross-country buses and the Amtrak rail service.

Getting around:
Although it is a major city, Cincinnati does not yet have a subway system like that in New York, so buses form the backbone of public transportation in the city. However, you might like to look out for the Southbank Shuffle, which is a trolleybus-style service operated for tourists. It is likely to be handy for when you first arrive at the Millennium Hotel Cincinnati, as it loops around the city via the riverfront, allowing you to get an overview of its attractions and get on and off as you please.

Those on foot in the Downtown area can also use the Skywalk, which is an above-ground path that is covered to avoid inclement weather and allowing you to explore while staying warm and dry. Some of Cincinnati's suburbs are also great for walks, although they are not conveniently covered over like the Skywalk!

What to pack:
You should make sure your suitcase contains an umbrella and something waterproof if you plan to travel to Cincinnati, as there is usually plenty of rain no matter what the month.

Summers in the city are typically hot and very humid, so bring along a few changes of clothes if you come then. If you intend to visit the city in winter, be aware that it gets very cold and snowy, so you will want to pack lots of layers and possibly a good pair of boots.

What to do and where to go?
You will find plenty to interest you in Cincinnati, from museums to sports stadiums, all detailed in our Cincinnati travel guide. There are also scores of festivals held throughout the year, so it is worth checking out the local press or Cincinnati tourist information when you arrive to see what is happening.

Famous Landmarks:
Fountain Square
Carew Tower
The Scripps Center

Arts and Culture:
Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati Observatory Center

The Isaac M Wise Temple
The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education
Cincinnati Fire Museum

Parks and Recreation:
Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Sawyer Point

Population: 296,943 (within city limits)

Area: 206 km sq

Language:  English

Currency: US dollar ($)

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