Downtown Cincinnati

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Downtown Cincinnati is awash with shops, restaurants and cafes. The nightlife is vibrant, and there are some great bars in which to while the evening away.

As downtown Cincinnati hotels go, this hotel is conveniently positioned at the heart of everything that's good about this bustling city. Cincinnati isn't just a great place for shopping - it's also a thriving hub of industry. No less than six Fortune 500 companies can be found headquartered within this bustling metropolis. 

As well as serving as a major business hub, downtown Cincinnati houses hundreds of shops and other amenities. Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, TJ Maxx and Tower Palace Mall offer visitors a range of wares including designer clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and sportswear.

Fountain Square, at the center of downtown Cincinnati, is graced by a striking bronze fountain. Here, visitors can make use of free wi-fi and check out an interactive water wall as well as some fine restaurants. Public gatherings and concerts are regularly hosted here in the center of Cincinnati.