Experience Living with Wolves in Chicago

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From 22 March 2013 To 07 July 2013


Field Museum, 1400 South Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60605

Wolves are usually viewed with fear and distrust, especially in fairy stories, but they actually play an important part in balancing many US ecosystems.

This is something guests at Chicago hotels will be able to see for themselves if they check out Living with Wolves at the Field Museum between March 22nd and July 7th this year.

It is an exhibition made up of footage shot by wolf enthusiasts Jim and Jamie Dutcher, who intimately observed a pack in Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness for many years.

Via the photographs they took, visitors will be able to experience the birth of pups and even animals mourning the loss of fellow pack members to find out how wolves are so very misunderstood.

Residents of the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago will be able to get to the Field Museum very easily in a taxi, as it is just over ten minutes away by road.

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