Don't miss JC Brooks in Chicago

Don't miss JC Brooks in Chicago View on Map


From 21 November 2012 To 21 November 2012


N Clark St, Chicago, IL, USA

JC Brooks will be bringing his band - The Uptown Sound - to Chicago for a performance at the Metro on November 21st.

The artist is larger than life in just about every conceivable manner - and he is typically seen decked out in a utilitarian wardrobe, which is often anchored by scuffed black combat boots.

Musically, the group take in a very wide range of influences and turn it into something exciting, new and unlike anything else that is around at the moment.

Brooks himself describes his output as post-punk soul, combining gutsy R&B, with taut and minimalist grind.

Indeed, the band has also attracted a true-blue grassroots following - who will undoubtedly be booking in to Chicago hotels to catch the gig there.

The Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago could be the perfect choice, as it is merely a short, 15-minute drive from the venue - and jumping in a taxi is not a problem.

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