Rapper Yelawolf heads to Buffalo

Rapper Yelawolf heads to Buffalo View on Map


From 31 October 2012 To 31 October 2012


Town Ballroom, 681 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States

Yelawolf is a young rapper from the US - and he is an up-and-coming act that is not to be missed at this early stage of his career.

He broke on to the music scene with the release of his debut album Creek Water in 2005 - although this was followed by a brief period of inactivity.

This was broken with last year, with follow-up Radioactive being met with considerable critical attention.

A string of collaborative albums has been issued this year - including one with Ed Sheeran - and Yelawolf is preparing for the release of third solo effort Love Story in 2013.

The rapper is set to perform a gig at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo on October 31st - and entry costs just £21.

There are not many more convenient places to stay than the Millennium Hotel Buffalo, which is just a short, 15-minute drive away from the venue.

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