Wonder at the marvel of motion in Buffalo

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From 22 June 2013 To 22 June 2013


Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, New York 14211

We see motion all around us every day of our lives, but few people probably stop to wonder and marvel at it.

However, guests at Buffalo hotels will get the opportunity to do so thanks to a special exhibition opening up at the city's Museum of Science soon.

In Motion is set to arrive on June 22nd and aims to explore how we get things moving, whether it is through pushing, pulling, lifting or rolling.

This showcase of physics, mechanical motion, engineering and organic motion will really bring science to life in a fun and informative way, so could be ideal for all the family to visit.

A gravity machine and crash test simulator are sure to be two particular highlights for people of all ages.

In Motion is a permanent exhibition at the museum, so there is plenty of time for holidaymakers to check it out after its summer grand opening and residents of the Millennium Hotel Buffalo will be able to get there in ten minutes by taxi or half an hour on foot.


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