HSBC Arena

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HSBC Arena is an iconic sporting establishment that has been graced by some of the game's top hockey and basketball players. Situated on the waterfront, this busy arena is also home to the Buffalo Bandits who play in the National Lacrosse League.

The main sport played here is hockey, although the HSBC Arena also plays host to a number of other high profile events throughout the year. These include college basketball matches. MAAC basketball has been held here a number of times in recent years.

It's not all about traditional American sports however, for the HSBC Arena also serves as a concert venue. Renowned artists including The Police, Jay Z and Avril Lavigne have all performed here. WWE wrestling has also featured in the HSBC Arena on occasions. 

Other notable events that are not to be missed include the AMP Monster Truck Thunder Slam. This larger-than-life event features car-crushing and daring stunts involving monster trucks. For an event that is the polar opposite of the Monster Truck Thunder Slam, visitors should look to the Cirque du Soleil. These epic musical shows are regularly held at the HSBC Arena and include acrobatics and breathtaking aerial stunts.

Staying at one of the nearby hotels in Cheektowaga NY - such as the Millennium Hotel Buffalo - allows guests to access the HSBC Arena with ease.