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If you have a love for the great outdoors, then you are sure to feel right at home in Boulder, Colorado. The city is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is home to acre upon acre of trails, parks and nature reserves for locals and visitors to explore on foot, on their bicycles or even on skis if the season is right.

The city is renowned for its easygoing atmosphere and was home to hippies in the 1960s, but it wasn't always so laidback - in 1916, it brought in prohibition, although the law was repealed in 1933.

These days, Boulder is known for being a great place to live, work and play, as well as for its universities, which make it one of the most innovative cities in the US.

Since its residents like to get out and enjoy the open spaces right on their doorsteps, Boulder is also one of its healthiest cities, so you may find yourself picking up a new outdoorsy hobby while you are there.


Getting there:
If you're visiting Boulder, you will catch your flights to Denver International Airport, which is around 20 miles away from Boulder hotels via highway 36.

Although it will be possible to rent a car from the airport, you may want to take a taxi in order to enjoy the beautiful roadside scenery as you approach Boulder.

Alternatively, there is a regular bus called the AB that runs between the hub and downtown Boulder, which is safe, easy to use and relatively cheap.

Getting around:

Using public transport in Boulder should be no problem at all, as it was once voted as having one of the best networks in the whole of the US. It shares the RTD mass transit system with its neighbor Denver, so it will be worth looking into a top-up card to pay your fares with if you intend to zip about much on the buses.

However, since much of Boulder is countryside, you may find yourself using a bicycle or simply getting around on foot during your Boulder hotel stay. You should be able to hire bikes from the start of most of the nearby trails, leaving you free to explore to your heart's content.

If you do rent a car for your trip, bear in mind that Boulder's roads get very busy at peak times and it may be difficult to find parking spaces in the center - instead, look for park and ride schemes that will help you beat the congestion.

What to pack:
What you put in your suitcase for a stay in Boulder depends on the season you decide to visit, although a great Boulder travel tip is to pack sun cream no matter when you go. Boulder sees sun on most days of the year, so you could find yourself building up quite a tan.

Snow is common in the winter, so take your skis and fleece sweaters if you intend to take a winter sports break, while hiking boots, T-shirts and shorts will be suitable for the dry, hot summers.

What to do and where to go?

As you may have realized, a stay in a Boulder hotel would not be complete without visiting at least some of the city's 150 sq km of open space, whether it is a nature reserve or a hiking trail. Most people head to Chautauqua Park first, although Eldorado Canyon will be perfect if you like rock climbing.

However, Boulder is not just about outdoor pursuits and you will find plenty to do here if you are a history buff, a cultural explorer or just a lover of good eateries. Check out our Boulder travel guide for great places to visit.

Famous Landmarks:
Pearl Street Performers
Flagstaff Mountain
Eldora Mountain Resort

Arts and Culture:
Albums on the Hill
Celestial Seasons Tea Factory
The Caritas Spiritist Center

Boulder History Museum
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Boulder Genealogical Society Carnegie Branch Library

Parks and Recreation:
Chautauqua Park
Pearl Street Mall
Whitewater Tube Co.

Population: 97,385

Area: 65.7 sq km

Language:  English

Currency: US dollar ($)

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